Year In Review: Tech Trends of 2014

Written by wyncode on 2nd January 2015, 4:37 PM

Technology is a very important aspect in the lives of most individuals, which is why the continual evolution of technology is so important. Now, 2014 went through some very impressive technology trends throughout the year, although not all of these trends proved to be good. Regardless, we’re bringing you our list of 2014’s top tech trends.

10. Curved Screens

Curved screens started to make more of an appearance in 2014 with curved televisions and phones. While this is still more of a gimmick in some aspects (although the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge does actually have some practical use with the second curved screen), it is a technology that is continuing to evolve.

9. Google Buying Everything

Google has turned into a buying machine. However, it is not just buying Internet based applications but just about everything. From the Nest thermostat service to home security equipment and even robotics, it is possible to look ahead to the future and seeing Google connecting everything in the world together.

8. IP Providers Must Offer Up Movie Downloaders

IP Providers, at least in Canada, are now required to identify Internet users who download movies illegally.

7. Mobile Phone Security Flaws

This opened up a massive can of worms on the world, as millions of people’s photographs from their iPhones and SnapChat accounts were leaked, showing everyone online nude photographs, and just how little people actually know about their own mobile security.

6. OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug

This proved to be one of the most damaging Internet bugs in a long time, as it could siphon passwords and banking information off of certain websites using OpenSSL.

5. Hover Bike

That’s right, you can now own a hover bike. While it still has a long way to go, transportation without wheels is quickly coming.

4. Improved Electric Cars

Some electric cars now have over 1,800 drive range on a single charge, which makes the technology more and more desirable.

3. Power of Solar Plants

Solar power is important, but it also needs some tweaks, as it was setting birds in the Mojave Desert on fire due to the power.

2. Larger Phones

Apple finally jumped on the bandwagon on this one and it proves the day of the small phone is over.

1. Smart Watches

Again, Apple decided to join the phone and smart watches are now becoming more and more popular.