Which status code refers to an HTTP request that failed due to an error with the server? Yomairy Peña, previously a Patient Access Representative at Memorial Regional Hospital, entered the conference room as the first interviewee. A few weeks earlier, she would have had no clue what an HTTP request even was. Now she was sitting across the table from two campus directors for a New York-based IT company with 500 million dollars in yearly revenue. Fifteen minutes later, Yomairy walked out of the room with a smile on her face and confidence in her stride.

Welcome to Wynterviews! This Wyncode tradition takes our students and places them in real technical interviews with top hiring partners while they are still deeply immersed in the intricacies of the curriculum. Most often taking place between Week 7 and 9 of the bootcamp, Wynterviews can feel intimidating. After all, our students have not yet learned everything in the program but are still interviewing for full-time developer roles. Wynterviews are a great learning experience. Students get a chance to present themselves in a technical interview setting, discussing skills they’ve never associated themselves with before in front of employers offering real-life opportunities.

Most of our students come from industries and roles that are quite removed from software development. In the case of Joe Cassiere, a C17 alumnus, his Wynterview with Watsco Ventures gave him the opportunity to pivot careers to a Full Stack Web Developer; Joe is now working on creating an IoT device for car engines. This idea would never have become a real-life project had he not taken the initiative to merge his background with all-new web development skills and in the process transform himself into a top candidate in his field.

Difficult as it may seem, 91% of our graduates land software developer roles, and other roles in related fields after graduation. Job titles span from Junior Web Developer, Support Technician, Full Stack Developer, Program Manager, Tech Lead, and many more.

So how are our graduates prepared for these positions fresh out of bootcamp? To begin with, our curriculum is custom-made to teach the most relevant, popular, and versatile languages and frameworks, based on feedback from our large network of hiring partners and independent market research. Simultaneously, our students are being taught the business skills needed to highlight their newfound talents and appeal to prospective employers.

It’s because of this background that we so often receive feedback after our Wynterview sessions about how well prepared our students were in presenting the new skills, vocabulary, and knowledge they acquired in their relatively short amount of time at Wyncode.

And, of course, while we do offer extensive job support, resume critiques, and interview advice to our students, the best assistance they receive is from one another: practicing mock interviews, critiquing each other’s resumes, pair programming on side projects, and so on. We always preach that a great role is not going to fall into their laps after graduating from Wyncode. Or as Miguel Cruz, our Director of Hiring and Partnerships, never forgets to emphasize to every graduating class: the hardest part is only just beginning, the job search. Alarming as this may seem, the realization that Wyncode stands ready to assist in any way possible helps smooth the transition from bootcamp graduate to fully employed developer.

If you are looking to put a whole new spin on your life and join the tech world as well, come check out a Wynbase, meet our students and staff, and get a glimpse at the endless possibilities that await you as a future Wyncoder.