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What is WynTank?

Wyncode wants to invite people like you with app ideas and start up dreams to submit them to Wyncode for consideration. The best ideas that are feasible for Wyncode students to build in the last 2 weeks of our course will be selected and you will be invited to Wyncode to pitch your idea to the Wyncoders -- alongside other’s ideas including students own ideas. After the pitches, the students will vote on which projects they want to build and then Wyncode will create the teams of three students to build them based on student preference.

Does it Work?

Wyncode opened up Project Pitch Day to one outside person during Cohort 5. The project -- called Outnix -- was chosen by students and not only was it built, the group did such a good job with the app and presentation that they won Pitch Day. Just before Pitch Day, one of the students managed to raise $50,000 for the company and shortly after graduation three Wyncoders joined the team full time. Outnix joins a group of eight other start ups that have originated in the Wyncode program.

What Can I Expect?

If your idea is selected, you will be asked to meet with the Wyncode team to discuss and identify the objectives for the project. These are important to have outlined prior to pitching the project in front of the students, since time is limited. Two weeks can be a short timeline for an idea to come to fruition; however, with clear objectives from the collaboration of our team and you, we are confident the students will meet your expectations and make your idea come to life.

What Will It Cost?

There’s no cost to submit a project for consideration or to pitch at Wyncode if your idea is selected. If your project is chosen by students to be built, the app will belong to you afterwards. If you wish to provide additional incentives for students to build your app idea, you may include this as part of your pitch to the class when presenting your project.

Next Project Pitches?

Every 5 weeks we welcome individuals to present their ideas to the developers. Send an email to to learn about future Wyntank dates.

What Is The Format?

2 minutes to talk through the idea and the concept. It’s recommended that there are at least two user stories included. Learn more about user stories and check out a few examples.

What Is Pitch Day?

Students will present the applications that are chosen to be built at Wyncode Pitch Day. Pitch Day is a community event where typically hundreds of South Florida tech leaders, hiring partners and community members attend to see the creations of Wyncode’s latest cohort. Check out these videos to see what to expect if your app makes it to the big stage: Pitch Day IV with 275+ people, Pitch Day Tres with 250+ people, Pitch Day II with 200+ people and this was a special one where a company gave out $40,000!

Wyncode Miami Pitch Day V

Wyncode Fort Lauderdale Pitch Day I

What is a User Story?

A user story is a tool used to describe a software feature based on the perspective of the user. The framework is as follows:

"As a <user type>, I want to <function> so that <benefit>."

Given that students have less than two weeks to address the needs of your project, we want to make sure the particular features are clearly outlined. This will allow for realistic expectations regarding what you want to build and what students are able to complete.

Disclaimers, things you should actually read

  • There are no NDA’s. You must be comfortable sharing your idea openly. If this makes you uneasy, you should read why this is a good idea.
  • Please note that students will create a web application built using Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. This means that the application will run in any browser - it will not be a native iOS or Android application. Learn more about web applications
  • The final scope of the project will be solely up to the students to decide and like a true start up, the students may choose to pivot somewhat from the original idea. Keep in mind this is normal and read The Lean Startup. You should expect a Minimum Viable Product as the final application.
  • Keep in mind, students at Wyncode always own all the code they write by default, so if they choose to work on your app and give up this right, there’s two things you have to do:
    • Students must be allowed to present the final project and code on their student portfolio for the sake of searching for employment, should the students decide to pursue employment -- rather than continue to work on your app -- after graduation.
    • Also, if you’re going to raise money to pursue building out the app, hire them!

How to Submit?

Email with your name, phone number, a brief description of your app idea, and at least two user stories.