Wyncode has launched Wyntalent, a source for vetted technology talent for Miami tech companies. Wyntalent is leveraging Wyncode’s 550+ graduates and 230+ hiring partners to build new apps or assist with larger projects.

Wyntalent already has two clients and six consultants with a lot of growth on the horizon. The project is being led by Kip True.

Read more in the South Florida Business Journal.

Wyncode Academy has launched a service that’s connecting companies with junior- and senior-level technology workers.

The new consulting arm called Wyntalent is tapping the Miami-based coding bootcamp’s pool of more than 550 students, both past and present, to help solve business’ technical problems and lead product development projects. Since it launched at the start of the year, Wyntalent’s client roster includes an app that aims to simplify how homes are sold and a health care company backed by a major technology giant.

“We want Wyntalent to be the source for vetted tech talent,” Wyncode co-founder and CEO Juha Mikkola said. “Because we trained these individuals, we know what these people are capable of. Some have four or more years of experience using web-based technologies.”

Wyntalent was recently tapped to build the technical team at Homz Direct which included a senior developer, a mid-level developer and a user interface designer. The team helped build the app, which is used to buy and sell homes without a realtor, from scratch.

Wyntalent was also behind training highly specialized workers for Liquid Consulting, which needed to find automation engineers to program dairy farm factories. Wyntalent received applicants from all over the country, and the eight people who were accepted underwent weeks-long coursework in Lake Mary. They were then tested on their newly acquired skills.

“We built the program in a way that the company only pays us if they passed. We’re willing to take on all of that risk because we have such full confidence in this model,” Mikkola said.

However, everyone who went through the program last summer passed. Wyntalent can also duplicate the cohort whenever Liquid Consulting needs to fill those very specific technical positions again. Mikkola believes this is the future of training for tech companies.

The idea for Wyntalent came from Wyncode’s international investors at Academic Work, a $350 million consulting and education company that backs similar ventures in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

“We’re in discussions with two other companies in South Florida and hope to build something similar for them,” he said. “We want to be able to help companies more than ever, both for finding vetted tech talent and training specialized entry-level workers who fit their needs.”

Companies interested in Wyntalent’s services can call 305-985-3078 or email hello@wyntalent.com.