Written by wyncode on 20th March 2014, 11:08 AM

Wyncode Academy has been holding open houses at LAB Miami to introduce the community to our development bootcamp, our head instructor, and our educational platform. We of course offer an intensive immersion coding bootcamp in a city on the cutting edge of tech. We seek to educate and cultivate a workforce of local entrepreneurs, web developers, and educated management who are immediately ready to begin working upon completion. We also offer a brain trust and startup eco-system that includes networking, job placement, and business advising.

We teach you Ruby On Rails and how to build your own web application. Oh yeah, we do it in 9 weeks.

And with hiring partners like CareCloud, a nod from the Knight Foundation, and a job market which actually has more jobs than it does applicants, the time to learn to code is now. Check out these pictures from the event we hosted last night. And if you have any questions, feel free to call us at (305) 720-2422.

Johanna Mikkola

Johanna Mikkola is the co-founder, with her husband Juha Mikkola, of Wyncode Academy.

bacon wrapped in baconj

Wyncode Academy wants to help you bring home that bacon….wrapped in bacon.

Wyncode Academy 319-59

A desk for you to sit and think and learn and work.

Wyncode Academy 319-56

Google “Hugh,” the top 3 result is Gaping Void, a cartoon series about entrepreneurship. He drew this.

Wyncode Academy 319-55

Some people you may have heard of.

Wyncode Academy 319-52

Yes, you can.

Wyncode Academy 319-49

This is just a desk in one of the rooms at LAB Miami, which is one of Miami’s leading independent tech hubs, and the host for our active campus of energetic, motivated, ambitious, and determined people and community.

Wyncode Academy 319-44

One of the doors in LAB Miami. BTW Wynwood is considered one of the world’s great street art capitals. There is art everywhere.

Wyncode Academy 319-40

An introduction to code and why it’s important.

Wyncode Academy 319-39

Head instructor Ed Toro and Wyncode Academy co-founder Juha Mikkola.

Wyncode Academy 319-37

Explaining the fundamental principles upon which the school is based, and how the benefits of total immersion benefit the student with skills moving quickly to market.

Wyncode Academy 319-36

“This is an intensive bootcamp designed to get you hired quickly as a junior web developer, or an entrepreneur.”

Wyncode Academy 319-35

“This is an intro session we do so that you can see if coding is right for you, if it’s something that excites you. We encourage anyone to come and find out.”

Wyncode Academy 319-32

“So far this has been really exciting. Everybody seems super pumped. People have been waiting for this school.”

Wyncode Academy 319-31

Would you like to know exactly what we do. Here is an example of a typical day. We also have special activities to keep you entertained. You can’t just code all the time.

Wyncode Academy 319-27

Bring your laptop to an intro session and try some code phrases yourself the same day.

Johanna Mikkola

Johanna Mikkola used to work as a manager of referees and linemen with the National Hockey League. She knows all about what it takes to be a winner.

Wyncode Academy 319-23

Code is the most important aspect of what drives the fastest growing sector of commerce in the world right now. Technology. So, that’s ‘why code.’

Wyncode Academy 319-21

And hard statistical data tells us that Rails developers are highly in demand, especially in South Florida. That red line the needle is pointing on the meter in the slide signifies the number of qualified applicants for available jobs using the skills we teach. So yeah, the market is looking for supply to meet its demand.

Wyncode Academy 319-18

Take a look, some of our partners who are also looking for talent.

Wyncode Academy 319-17

“How many of you have never been to LAB Miami before?” Asks co-founder Daniel Lafuente.

Wyncode Academy 319-12

The prospective students who come to find out about our school are encouraged to start learning code from us immediately if they want to.

Wyncode Academy 319-10

You can take notes, just listen, whatever, come find out if code is right for you.

Wyncode Academy 319-7

We’ll be holding 2 more open houses soon. Look out for more info from us shortly.

Wyncode Academy 319-5

You’ll get a chance to meet our founders, ask any questions that you might have, get an introduction to our coursework, find out how we help you get a return on your investment in education, and spend some time with our lead instructor Ed Toro as he leads you through a sample of Wyncode Academy is and does.

Wyncode Academy 319-4

Technology is the key to the future.

Wyncode Academy 319-3

Ed Toro will help you speak the language of Ruby and explain its relevance  to the modern workforce.

Wyncode Academy 319-1

This is a rat somebody drew on one of the stairs. Come by and check it out.