Written by Jocelyn Caster on 28th November 2016, 10:00 AM

The Founder Institute is a highly respected, early-stage accelerator and startup launch program. It was started in Silicon Valley by a team of individuals who wanted to use their wisdom and success to help out the next generation of founders and CEO’s. They give entrepreneurs the structure, mentor support, and global network necessary to get your company off the ground and create lasting success. Since launching in the Bay Area, they have opened locations in sixty countries as well as multiple cities around the U.S. Our whole community is lucky to have them here in South Florida. The Founder Institute is a natural partner and friend to Wyncode, as its mission is to “Globalize Silicon Valley” by helping build sustainable startup ecosystems.


Since it’s inception in South Florida, Wyncode has been excited to support the Founder Institute by providing scholarships to multiple Wyncode founders who have decided to start their own companies through the Founder Institute program. This past cohort Wyncode sponsored David Karim, from Wyncode Cohort 5 in Fort Lauderdale. David was one of a select number of individuals who has been helped by the Founder Institute’s top notch mentors and resources. David was not involved in the tech world when he decided he wanted to learn a new skillset, coding, to possibly improve his career. Fast forward a couple of months, and David completes Wyncode as one of the best in the class, and is soonafter hired by Miami-based hiring partner Kipu Systems as a Dev Ops Engineer.

From Employee to Founder

He enters the Founder Institute in South Florida with twenty-five others. David’s company, ResolveBid, self-describes itself as a means “to connect communities with contractors. Our job is to bring you together, saving you time and energy, so projects can get started more quickly.” The Founder Institute insists you must be up to the challenge to join, and David took this warning seriously. After four months of weekly training courses and business-building assignments he became one of six out of the original twenty-five to complete the demanding Founder Institute program. Entrepreneurs completing the program are known to build enduring companies, with a shockingly high 81% company survival rate, incredible in the startup world.

Rodolfo Novarini, Partner and a Director for Founder Institute South Florida, said that “During the FI semester, David showed the resilience and perseverance of a true entrepreneur by listening, adapting, learning and growing with every iteration.”

David’s story is one of many as Wyncode continues to support the hard-working individuals who take on the challenge of not just learning to code, but building a company in the local ecosystem. We believe this support will not only encourage entrepreneurship amongst our community, but will assist training individuals with the needed skills to build agile startups that will contribute to growth in the local economy.

If you are interested in joining the Founder Institute in South Florida, and you are up to the challenge, go to http://fi.co/ to learn about the next upcoming cohort. Or, if you are interested in first learning the technical skills needed to start a tech startup you can learn more here to apply today.