Wyncoders Look Out For Their Own!

Wyncoders Look Out For Their Own!

Written by Administrator on 18th February 2016, 7:54 PM


Meet Aldrin Bustos. Aldrin is a Future Leader of Tech Scholarship winner and is currently a full-time student at Wyncode Academy, thanks to support from the Knight Foundation. Aldrin began his cohort at Wyncode earlier this year, along with Jermaine Lang, after the pair were selected among hundreds of applicants to become Knight Scholars.

Everything was going great for Aldrin on his journey to blaze a trail of success across the quickly emerging technological landscape of South Florida until recently, when his bike was stolen! Fortunately for Aldrin, the fact that he was bike-less was not lost on his fellow Wyncoders. Case in point, after hearing about his misfortune, all of the students in Aldrin’s cohort banded together to raise enough money to buy him a brand new bike, which he named “White Ruby.”

Although Aldrin is extremely grateful for the generous support he received from his fellow students, he was not surprised by this enormously positivity reaction. That is because, along with learning how to code amidst a beautiful backdrop of ocean, palm trees and great weather, Aldrin was drawn to Wyncode for the massive sense of teamwork he perceived, the supportive environment provided by instructors and fellow students and the great reviews he read about Wyncode on Course Report that reflect a culture of motivated and united individuals who are all on this journey together and who work hard but play harder.

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), “education may help individuals to develop skills, improve their social status and gain access to networks that could lead to enhanced social outcomes, independently from the effect of education on income. Emerging research suggests the significant role cognitive, social and emotional skills play in explaining the effects of education on economic and social outcomes.”

So, not only does Wyncode Academy offer our students the opportunity to become among the highest paid professionals in the country once they graduate, but, more importantly, we offer a culture of teamwork and a supportive environment for all of our students to succeed and make an impact in their chosen business or career in South Florida or beyond!

If you are motivated, determined, ambitious, hard working, friendly, goal oriented, have a burning desire for success or are just unsatisfied with your current line of work, we want to meet you! Wyncode is currently accepting applications for its upcoming cohorts in Wynwood, Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach. Learn more and apply at www.wyncode.co