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Wyncode to Partner With Codecademy to Host Labs Miami

Written by wyncode on 31st March 2015, 12:40 PM

Codecademy, an education company committed to building the best learning experience for those who are eager to learn code, is coming to Miami and partnering with Wyncode to host Codecademy Labs Miami – a 12-week, part-time, in-person introduction to web development at The Lab Miami.

“Wyncode’s thrilled to build our partnership with Codecademy to offer a low friction entry point for driven individuals interested in learning to code,” Wyncode’s co-founder Juha Mikkola said. “We see Labs as a great way to experience coding and prepare for a full-time immersive bootcamp like Wyncode.”

Labs are a full introduction to web development that fuse Codecademy online content with in-person teaching assistants for real world context and immediate support. Wyncode’s Lead Teaching Assistant Walter Latimer and Wyncode Alum and MDLIVE Junior Developer Julie Kramer will be on hand to assist students through the curriculum.

“For us, Labs has been a really amazing opportunity to connect directly with learners. We’re thrilled to be hosting a second round in Miami alongside Wyncode and their fantastic instructors,” said Zach Sims, Codecademy co-founder.

No previous coding experience is necessary. All you need is drive. Think you’re a fit? Codecademy will take 30 dedicated beginners for the April class. Apply by April 3rd. For those accepted, mention LABS@THELAB for a $150 discount on the course.
Check out the website, Codecademy, to learn more.

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