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Wyncode Presents at Americas Competitiveness Forum in Guatemala

Wyncode Presents at Americas Competitiveness Forum in Guatemala

Written by Administrator on 18th November 2015, 7:30 PM

Wyncode’s co-founder Johanna Mikkola was among six speakers selected to present a keynote at the IX Americas Competitiveness Forum in Guatemala City, Guatemala.



Nearly 1,500 people were in attendance to listen to Johanna speak about using education to build a technology ecosystem in a non-traditional tech hub. Wyncode’s impact on the Miami ecosystem was of particular interest to the conference organizers who invited Johanna to the event.

Johanna / Wyncode:

In today’s technology-driven world having the skills to know how things are built is essential. It’s essential for business, entrepreneurs, education and innovation. Business is technology and technology is business. There is nothing in the economy that technology isn’t touching.

How do we use education as a platform to build an ecosystem

Johanna / Wyncode:

This isn’t a new concept, education has always been a key piece of growth.
This is about ensuring the right kind of education is available to as many people as possible. To build the kind of skills that empower an individual and grow an ecosystem.

Why train locally instead of attracting from elsewhere?

Johanna / Wyncode:

Because the shortage of technical talent is present in so much of the world.

Fostering and developing talent locally means building your ecosystem from the ground up.

This is a strategy for longevity and creates a solid foundation of people and companies invested not just in their own success but that of a greater community.

We can’t afford to wait for Silicon Valley to address regional and local concerns. Basic computer coding literacy will empower the world to solve problems that are important to them, problems that would otherwise be ignored by the traditional tech hubs.

The major theme of the event was creating stronger Institutions through competitiveness. Several panels took audiences through topics such as creating opportunities for cities, institutional transformation, and inclusive growth.

The crowd on hand included the President of the Republic, Mr. Alejandro Maldonado, and the President-elect, Mr. Jimmy Morales, along with high-ranking government officials from across Latin America as well as business leaders from across the region.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 2.28.56 PM

“It was a thrill to speak at the IX Americas Competitiveness Forum,” Johanna said. “I strongly believe that cost-effective, outcomes-based education is the key to building a self-sufficient tech ecosystem in any city. The entire team at Wyncode is proud to continue to play a role in the development of the #MiamiTech ecosystem and hope that other non-traditional tech cities can follow suit!”

Miami was well represented at the conference, as Gabriel Montoya, CEO of Next University and Founder of Open English was one of the speakers.

The Americas Competitiveness Forum is an annual event that brings together more than a thousand representatives from governments, the private sector, academia and international organizations to find joint solutions to common challenges and help foster greater economic competitiveness in the region.

More information about the event can be found on this website.

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