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Miami tech is a tidal wave of innovation set to flood the world with good ideas built by Wyncode grads, and Pitch Day 6 at The LAB Miami was proof.

Nine teams comprising 28 total students competed with full stack web applications they built using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, a wealth of API’s, and their multitudinous great ideas before a panel of expert judges from the hottest companies, an audience of their peers, friends, families, CEO’s, venture capitalists, philanthropists, artists, recruiters, and tech savvy locals hungry for intellectual capital.

Who won? You’ll have to scroll on to find out. But if you want to learn how to harness your mental prowess, discipline, ambition, persistence, determination, and natural ability too, contact Wyncode now and sign up for the next cohort today!



The streets of Wynwood are a 24 hour artistic tribute to the creative energy of the people who populate the neighborhood.


And the Original Greek food truck parked out front for Wyncode’s Pitch Day 6 has become a Miami institution.


And where there’s people, food and fun….


There’s locally brewed craft beer from somewhere in a one mile radius


The family friendly event is a beacon of technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and inspiration for the next generations of Miami Tech


Welcome to the LAB Miami, Wyncode Academy’s founding campus


Inside, a world of wonder and enjoyment awaits


Folks picked up programs and mingled by the bar before entering the main room

wyncodemiami_pitchday6_august2015_024 wyncodemiami_pitchday6_august2015_025 wyncodemiami_pitchday6_august2015_026

Some chose to grab seats early, a wise choice since soon there would be standing room only


Prospective Wyncoder Eja Batbold found out about Pitch Day 6 on Facebook and decided to check it out.


She said, “I’m originally from Mongolia, but I’ve been here four years studying at University of Miami, where I recently graduated from. I work for a consulting company here and I think coding is very interesting. I didn’t expect to find a scene like this here. Miami has this reputation for just being a party town that’s not tech savvy. But I’ve been looking for something like this for years. I usually go to New York City for tech events, but now I may stay here, go to Wyncode and change my job.”

The celebratory energy of a movement with momentum was palpable as smiles and laughter filled the air with positive and welcoming energy.wyncodemiami_pitchday6_august2015_042

While the graduating class waited in the wings excitedly, the room continued to fill


And then Wyncode director of admissions Diego Lugo took command of the room for his opening remarks


Company founders Juha and Johanna Mikkola were like two proud parents watching their kid take his first steps.


The capacity crowd was enthralled. Close to 300 people showed up for the event.


From the windows to the walls


Then the founders stepped up to the plate and did what they do best, got the crowd even more excited about technology, and how to learn the art and science of making, selling, and changing the world with it.


People were like, ‘woah, where do I sign up?’


Johanna thanked the Knight Foundation and all the other sponsors, like Meme.Menu and Meli Bakes. And the students waited in rapt attention to share their full stack web app creations with the hundreds of people in attendance.



But first, the crew introduced the company’s upcoming courses, which include immersive web development, iOS, and Node.js.


Then the great Walter Latimer gave a touching and emotional speech about his time as a Wyncode student, as well as staff member who was hired full time  after the project management solution he helped build while studying in the program was acquired for daily use at Wyncode. He’s leaving for a job in Silicon Valley to work with the guy who invented the self driving car.


Then Andrew Sherry from the Knight Foundation explained why two brothers who founded a newspaper chain would have found the tech scene in South Florida worthy of investment.


Then a guy named Willie who hangs out with a guy named Nelson who everyone refers to as Willie Nelson stood on a table with a beer and threw his fist in the air as if to say, “Hell yeah!”


The teaching staff got a well deserved shout out too.


And the audience seemed to get a kick out of all the antics


Head instructor Ed Toro offered a wealth of insight on the workplace paradigm shift where staffs of developers who learn quickly, work intensely, and pick up all the necessary skills in nine weeks to become indispensable team members to startups, established companies, and their own ventures are just as valued (if not more) than those with 4 year computer science degrees.


Everybody was duly impressed and/or live tweeting


Finally, it was time to introduce the judges: Jeff Fudge – VP of Technology at Sato Global Solutions; Cristina Solana – Sr. Web Developer and User Interface Engineer at Enspire Commerce; David McVicar – Independent Ruby on Rails Consultant at Living Social, Metro Star Systems, and Mobikaze; Josh Perez – Software Engineer at AirBnB; and Chris Alper –  Director of PDIS Training and Employee Development at Ultimate Software.

The first team to present was Wynning with Dena Sawyer, Jon Rose, and Anthony Tamayo. Their social goal completion app was a hit with judges and audience alike.


After the event Anthony Tamayo said, “Wyncode has been a fun learning experience that culminates in the creation of an amazing product. I saw an article about the program in the Miami Herald, called Juha the next day and said I wanted to get involved, and now I’m here. I’ve been a civics and government teacher in the Dade County Public School system for 15 years and I’m excited about my future as a full stack web developer in the Miami tech scene.”


The judges were kind, but they asked tough questions that all teams responded to quickly, succinctly, and intelligently


The next team up were Ana de Aza, Matthew Corrao, and Daniel Llinas with Bulk.co a shared cost solution for purchasing products at wholesale pricing by splitting the cost amongst a crowd socially.


Ana is pregnant; and her kid is going to be a genius just from going to Wyncode with her everyday and learning through a belly button window.


After presenting, each team member got the chance to introduce themselves and state their intention for post graduate work plans.


The next team up was Cookio, a chef-for-your-home app with Ben Shelomovitz, Sean Hendricks, and Weston Cooper.


They got a great crowd response with their easygoing humor and team dynamics.



The next team up were Adriana Byles, Sofia Garcia, and Arielle Gruman of Libro-Club whose first question was “How many people here like to read books?” Many in the audience shot their hands up immediately.


wyncodemiami_pitchday6_august2015_217b wyncodemiami_pitchday6_august2015_236b

Their UX design skills were top notch, and resembled the most influential media sites today while adding their own personality and pulling from the GoodReads API for content.


The crowd was enjoying every minute of the action and even testing the student works in real time




Matti from Pacific54 said, “This is awesome, look how many people are here!!!”


The following team to present were Cristina Vinces, Steve Toro, and Ricky Gonzalez Jr. who used the Miami-Dade County open data project to create a novel construction permit calculator as an open source project that could revolutionize one of the biggest bureaucracies and moneymakers in South Florida.



Their project impressed with its community minded solution to a very real problem in the community.


The next team up were TailorUp with Lenora Porter, Andres Rojas, and Zach Perlman who created a solution for home or office tailoring service, which could be huge in the very image conscious global capitals that Miami shares the stage with.


After the event Lenora said, “Wyncode has been a great inspirational space where everyone learns from everyone. There’s so many companies out there looking for these skills. I’m a very hot commodity right now!”

The team worked well together and seemed to enjoy their time in the spotlight.



The spirit of the event remained lighthearted and convivial throughout. In Miami, even the serious is fun.


The following team consisted of Prahasi Kacham, Volney Tejada, Michael Miller, and Anders Palm with Cluborate, a way to form communities around pro-social causes for the betterment of society. Natural born leader Prahasi, who also won the Spirit of Wyncode Award for her joi de vivre for learning, is currently enrolled as a student at Nova Southeastern University. She later proclaimed, “This has been the best summer of my life!” She plans to continue doing positive work that will make the world better. She says, “There are so many non-profits with tech needs. Companies doing solar power and clean water programs for villages…amazing ideas that change peoples lives for the better.”



The entire team displayed exemplary ability to work together for a single goal using all of their best skills and attributes to do so, and an underlying Agile methodology as the framework.



The next team up were Kito with team members Sean Sellek, Ariel Peralta, and Angelica Rodriguez.


Their app offered a tailor made solution for property owners to eliminate property management companies for the sake of renting out their properties.


Their real world solution for a real world problem that is especially resonant in Miami, where real estate rules, was slick in design, presentation, testing, utility, and ability.


The final team to present were David Isaza, Carlos Quiroga, and Matias Beeck with ParlayVous a legal online raffle for non-profits to raise money through the consumer goods as prizes model. One team member traveled from Colombia to join the program, showing the growing international caliber of the school and its unique geography’s potential.


They created an awesome interface, presented well, and knew exactly what they wanted, how to get it, and why it offered a valuable solution. wyncodemiami_pitchday6_august2015_323

Then Johanna Mikkola thanked all the teams while the panel of judges sauntered off to deliberate in secret.


The audience were breathless with anticipation.


But in the meantime, the Wyncode iOS cohort presented a dating app with Yelp like user reviews integration. This team included Felicia Ferreira, Jack Graham, Oscar Villavicencio, Michael Muniz, and Alex Cruz. The audience loved their work.


And then it was finally time to present the winners of Pitch Day 6.


And the winners were….







Want to join the American technological revolution, stand proud in the vanguard of the new economy, learn the skills that are changing the world, and maybe start your own billion dollar company? Sign up for Wyncode today!