We 💓 JavaScript

Written by Mario Aguayo on 1st October 2017, 11:47 PM

At Wyncode, we have been teaching JavaScript ever since the day we launched our first cohort in May 2014. We expanded our program to 10 weeks in the fall of 2016, and used the new time to deep dive into JavaScript content. In 2017, we added a React component (the best JavaScript library to learn) and to celebrate, launched Dev Circles with Facebook at Wynbase.

Learn JavaScript at Wyncode

After our program, you’ll be proficient in JavaScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML, and CSS, giving you incredible job opportunities in the Miami market and beyond.

We constantly monitor the marketplace to make sure what we teach you is on point with what the nearly 250 companies that have already hired Wyncoders want you to know.

Not only that, but we teach you how to learn, so when technology changes you’ll be able to easily teach yourself to stay current with your skills.

So don’t believe the naysayers. We 💓 JavaScript at Wyncode and we’re the best place to learn JS!

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