Written by Administrator on 28th April 2016, 5:58 PM

Meet Jake Jacobson, UCF and a Student from Wyncode, and now Internal Analytics Developer at Modernizing Medicine. 

I Started at the Bottom, Now I’m Here..

As cliche as it sounds, things happen for a reason. Attending and graduating from Wyncode and landing a job as an internal analytics developer at Modernizing Medicine (and everything else that came in between) were two of those opportunities that don’t come knocking on your door everyday. Carpe diem, right?

Growing up in Davie and graduating from high school at Westminster Academy, I decided to make my way to Orlando and attended University of Central Florida (UCF) for computer engineering and eventually switched to finance for my last two years there. What I wanted to do with my degree career-wise was a mystery to all.

Throughout college I worked at Apple and after graduating from UCF, I spent some time in commercial insurance. It was a good job but it wasn’t the job for me and definitely not the career path I wanted to follow. I knew I needed to do something to change my career trajectory. So I prayed about it and started researching camps like Wyncode across the country. After learning more about the program (the location was a perk too), I decided it would help me achieve what I wanted next on my career path.

My ‘Wyning’ Experience at Wyncode

Unlike a typical university setting, Wyncode is specialized and really takes a vested interest in the students. They aren’t teaching just to check things off a list to meet a curriculum.

The 8-week bootcamp took my discipline to the next level. It’s information overload and it was up to me to put the work in to get what I wanted out of it. I had a basic foundation, but this was a very immersive learning environment. Just like learning a foreign language, you have to be in an environment that fosters your newly found and developing skills. What you put in is what you get out.

The program really enhanced my ‘figure it out’ skills, if you will. If I didn’t know an answer, I had to figure it out to achieve the success I had my sights set on and take the initiative.

Thinking Back

When I think back on my Wyncode experience albeit not too long ago, the top two aspects that come to mind are my final project and the people. With my background in insurance, I can’t tell you how many events I attended where people exchanged business cards. My final project (which I am still working on in the background) was centered around a mobile app connected to bluetooth that would allow attendees to swap “business cards” digitally and would create a modern day Rolodex on your phone.

The second aspect of Wyncode was the people. I created lasting personal and professional friendships and met people who were on the same wave length. There was just a good vibe – from the instructors to the other students and the overall learning experience.

Some Call it Fate

Like I mentioned earlier, things happen for reason and I was in the right place at the right time. It was the first time Modernizing Medicine had representatives come down to participate in “Wynterviews.” Wyncode has great relationships with area tech companies that come on-site, making them accessible to the students – a big perk to both students and companies looking for talent.

So things happen when you least expect it, right? I had an informal interview at Wyncode with representatives from Modernizing Medicine and had the chance to talk about my final project (an app that would allow business card exchanges by bluetooth) that I was working on at Wyncode and overall experience.

After that, I was invited to Modernizing Medicine for a series of interviews and I’m blessed to say that I am an internal analytics developer as of this February. Moral of the story, you never know who you will meet and when it will be and where it will take you. My passion, personality and persistence certainly paid off.

My New Home: Modernizing Medicine

I am still a newbie (although I have heard that title is short lived) and the environment and culture make it an incredible place to work. This is my first position as a developer in the “real world,” and I am loving the independence and freedom. The culture stands out and was evident even from the interview process. This culture aspect was and is very important to me. Throughout college I was blessed to work at Apple where we held culture above everything else (except customers)! I knew that when it came to my career, I wanted to be part of a place where I wasn’t just a cog in a machine but was valued and worked with genuinely good people. This is very true and evident in Modernizing Medicine’s culture and the people they hire. Entertaining, fun, friendly, challenging (in a good way), innovative and cool are the words that come to mind when describing Modernizing Medicine and my role with the company.

You Do What…?

So what is an internal analytics developer? I’m still figuring that out (mostly kidding). When my parents ask me what I do day-to-day, I explain that people from different departments come to my manager with requests, and I assist with different metrics, scores and stats while interacting with third party programs to extract the data and transform it into different visualizations based on the findings. For instance, I am currently working with our sales team on our phone system to analyze a number of different analytics from call length, to frequency, to outgoing calls, etc. I am on a team whose goals are centered around how we can get better and grow as a company by understanding internal analytics. That’s my job in a nutshell.

On a daily basis, I work with Ruby and SQL which are two programs that I really dived into while at Wyncode. And again being disciplined and taking the initiative to figure things out on my own have been crucial to my new role.

A Message to Future Wyncoders (or Modernizing Medicine employees)

If I had to give advice to someone currently enrolled or thinking of joining Wyncode, I would encourage them to be persistent, know what you want and know your goals. It is important to be honest with yourself. Today, many companies are looking for individuals with the right skill set but who are also personable and will jive with the company’s culture.

Attending Wyncode was a rewarding experience in more ways than one and I am looking forward to my career with Modernizing Medicine.

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