Written by wyncode on 14th April 2015, 3:21 PM

While waiting for his New York Bar Exam results, Mike Nahabedian, a Cohort 3 alumni, decided to enroll at Wyncode to increase his knowledge of code. Mike never thought that the final project he and his partner Alex McKeown would build for pitch day would be acquired by Fusion Recruiting Labs, Inc. a HR Tech company. Now a Product Manager for Fusion based out of NJ, Mike discusses life after Wyncode.

  1. What sparked your interest in computer programming?

While attending law school at Nova Southeastern University, I enrolled in a class called Ecommerce Law. The laws governing the internet and online transactions were just being promulgated by state and federal legislatures. It was a truly unique and exciting field of law to study. I had some background from building blogs and assisting friends with their Ecommerce sites in the past, so I excelled in the class. I then enrolled in any class I could get my hands on that was internet-related. When I found out there was a coding accelerator in my own backyard, I knew it would be a great fit for me while I awaited my NY Bar Exam results.

  1. Other than programming, what is one major skill set you acquired from Wyncode?

I’m currently working as a Product Manager at Fusion Recruiting Labs, Inc., where I implement agile software development methods that I learned from the Great Ed Toro, Wyncode’s Lead Instructor. Specifically, we’re working on implementing Scrum.

  1. Would you be able to apply what you’ve learned from Wyncode to your previous career?

I enrolled in Wyncode initially to increase my knowledge of code to open up job opportunities for myself in Ecommerce, Internet, and Software Patent Law. I never thought it would turn out how it has. I’m now working as a Product Manager, which includes responding to a variety of tech and business related legal requests.

  1. If you had another chance, would you do anything differently? If so, what?

I would have spent more time asking questions about product management rather than working on my projects and homework. Although, my final project is what got acquired and got me hired on as a Product Manager for an existing HR Tech company based out of NJ.

  1. What advice would you give to those who are unsure about their future career path and are considering learning to code?

Learning to code does not mean you are limited to a career as a developer. There is a lot of misunderstanding and apprehension due to that belief. The truth is, coding is a skill that supplements almost any career. For myself, coding supplemented my legal background, and offered me an opportunity to work in-house with a full tech and legal team. This opportunity would never have presented itself to me if I didn’t take the initiative to distinguish myself from other candidates on the job market by learning to code. My advice: learn to code.

We were so intrigued by Mike’s and Alex’s success story that we decided to get in touch with Mike’s classmate Alex McKeown and ask him a few questions. How did their code school final project get acquired and result in them both being hired by a major company just months after they graduated?

The projects presented at a Wyncode Pitch Day are encouraged to be a display of technical ability – a showcase for what we learned during the program. For most students, this is a good approach because they are taking advantage of the opportunity to display their technical knowledge to the hiring partners in attendance.

Mike and I were noticed because we had a business-oriented approach to the project. In addition to the coding work we put into building our web app, we also spent a lot of time conducting market research, reaching out to industry professionals for early market validation, and developing a revenue model. Through these efforts, we were fortunate to gain the attention of a company in New Jersey. Less than two weeks after Pitch Day Tres, we were meeting with our future business partners for dinner.

It’s been an amazing experience! We are both very excited for the opportunity to continue to build our app and to be a part of a larger company with a diverse portfolio of businesses.

Congratulations to Mike and Alex, who are potentially the first code school final project app to be acquired just months after graduation! Are you interested in learning to code and building your startup idea?

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