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Wyncode Alumni Julie Kramer On Her Academy Experience: “You Should Definitely Learn To Code”

Written by wyncode on 4th May 2015, 11:00 AM

Julie Kramer

Julie Kramer, Proud Wyncode Academy Graduate

Julie Kramer is a coding aficionado working on the cutting edge of telemedicine who got her start in programming at Wyncode Academy.

The former web editor and media industry professional was frustrated by the inefficient technology at her previous employer, and her inability to effect positive change through proactive solutions.

She joined Wyncode to learn how to manipulate data through the back end infrastructure of the technology at her fingertips and now she’s able to make applications dance as fast as she can code. Here’s what Julie had to say about learning Ruby, marketing her skills, and coding for her future.


What sparked your interest in computer programming?
I worked as a site editor/ content manager for a media company and was frustrated that I couldn’t make basic changes to the site myself, I had to rely on web developers on my team to make changes in text or layout. I wanted to have the knowledge to accomplish these things on my own.

Other than programming, what is one major skill set you acquired from Wyncode?
Wyncode puts you in a great environment to network and meet people, and they show you how to put the best version of yourself forward for potential hiring partners. Knowing how to market your strengths is an important career tool.

Would you be able to apply what you’ve learned from Wyncode to your previous career?
I definitely would, although I feel I am doing far more advanced things now. I really just wanted to know how to manipulate the front end, and now I am doing strictly back end web development.

How was the transition between graduation and your new job as a developer? 
I was on a job hunt for a few weeks and originally landed another job in IT, but when MDLIVE gave me an offer I knew it was a better opportunity to learn so I made the switch. I have been with MDLIVE for 7 months now and I love it.

If you had another chance, would you do anything differently? If so, what?
I would spend more time doing pre work and tutorials on my own before the class started, to give myself an edge and more time to concentrate on the intricacies of the Ruby language.

What advice would you give to those who are unsure about their future career path and are considering learning to code?
I would say if you don’t feel like you are being challenged at your current job and want to do something more interesting you should definitely learn to code. If you are struggling at your current job then coding is probably not for you. Once you get into real development it becomes incredibly complex, and just isn’t for everyone.

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