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Why Ruby on Rails?

Written by Administrator on 15th June 2015, 7:07 PM

We are big believers in starting our students out in Ruby on Rails (RoR) as beginners. At the onset of our company, MIT grad and Head Instructor Ed Toro decided that he knew Ruby was the language to build our program around in order to produce successful graduates equipped for a changing job market.

So, what makes Ruby on Rails so special?

We asked some of our most successful alumni to talk about it. Among their answers, a few themes emerged:

1. RoR is easy to learn – This language has an unusual ease of use for the programming world. This makes it the perfect introductory language for beginners.

2. It is English-like – They say that programming is like learning a language. That could not be truer than with Ruby. With grammar and syntax similar to that of English, though, it comes quite naturally to any English-speaker, allowing students to progress quickly in a short time.

3. Learning this language early on drills in the fundamentals. Wyncoders leave with a well-rounded understanding of how to code – Exceptions to the rule are minimal in Ruby, helping discipline students in development basics. These rules learned early on will also apply to other, more difficult languages later on.

4. Learning Ruby first makes it easier to pick up other languages in the future –

Just because we focus on Ruby on Rails, does not at all mean that our students don’t work in other languages after Wyncode. Quite the opposite, in fact!! Our students work as full-time developers in almost every language across the spectrum.

To learn more about what our students had to say about Ruby on Rails click here.

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