Happy 2019! A new year means a fresh approach here at Wyncode. As we near our five year anniversary, we’re making some huge changes!

The biggest shift is that we’re transitioning away from our current format of two simultaneous cohorts running continuously back-to-back; instead, we are scheduling just four cohorts throughout the entire year, approximately one per quarter.

Why are we doing this?

After all, the fastest-growing job in 2018 was full stack software developer, which grew 572%. As a boot-camp with over 650 grads already, shouldn’t we be going all-in to grow our classes as much as possible?

We believe in a different approach. Quality education must deliver massive ROI for our graduates and hiring partners. For that to work, we aspire to attract the best candidates to our programs and that means longer admissions cycles and tougher admissions standards. We want to ensure that every student admitted to Wyncode takes full advantage of the opportunity.

We never judge applicants on their background. Our graduates have been valets and bartenders, lawyers and accountants, college dropouts and entrepreneurs. What we look for are motivation and grit. To assess this, we employ some of the same tools used by the NFL as well as personal interviews and coding challenges to see if Wyncode is the right place for you. Admission to Wyncode means we believe you can follow in the footsteps (and keystrokes) of Wyncoders working around the world.

Nonetheless, even if our students are some of the best aspiring developers around, we have a responsibility to deliver a curriculum that is effective, innovative, and most importantly, up-to-date. This is another important reason why our new schedule makes sense. Last year we revamped our entire program to heavily emphasize React, the most popular JavaScript library today. Unfortunately for us, React is not a static technology. It is dynamically evolving. Just recently, React introduced a new feature called Hooks, for example. In order to keep up, our Teaching Team needs time to discuss these changes and consider how to incorporate them into our course in a clear and smart way.

Lastly, we are investing hugely in our job placement services. We already have the strongest connections to the South Florida tech scene and beyond. Wyncoders are working at over 315 companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Magic Leap. But now, we are launching a brand new division of our company called Wyntalent, which will focus exclusively on placing Wyncoders and strengthening our connections with hiring partners. Our placement team has grown to four full-time employees led by IT consulting veteran Kip True, who built a $6 million per year consulting company in New York City.

As a result, every Wyncoder will receive more personal attention from our staff to identify and secure the best possible position upon graduation. This requires a great deal of time and resources, making it crucial that we accept fewer students and that those students have the requisite hustle for that first tech job.

So, if you’re looking to join the fast-growing software industry, we hope you consider learning with us at Wyncode this year. It won’t be easy, but it’s definitely worth it. See you soon!