Written by wyncode on 29th April 2015, 1:03 PM

After nine intense weeks of bootcamp style coder’s training, the Wyncode Academy experience culminates in a Pitch Day where students present the full stack web application they built from the ground up in their final two weeks of training.

In front of a highly vaunted panel of tech professionals, they explain their product, their process, and their prospective company in a competitive exercise with a cash prize. This is where the student’s newly earned knowledge in coding intersects with their study of startup culture, their attendance at networking events, and discussions surrounding entrepreneurship.

With a $1,000 cash prize on the line, and the eyes and ears of thought leaders in the Miami tech community pinpoint focused on their every word with laser accuracy, students shine with their ability to distill 9 weeks of immersive intensity into a thought provoking show of all that they have accomplished.

We here at Wyncode take great pride in watching our students as they blossom from novices into full stack jr web developers before our eyes and those of the community, media, hiring partners, startups, and established companies looking for talented coders. Wyncode Pitch Day has also been covered by the Miami Herald’s tech reporter Nancy Dahlberg, who wrote“Wyncode has held four Pitch Days with each drawing an audience of about 250 people to see the app creations of Wyncode students. Last week’s Pitch Day drew 267 people and six of the students received full-time job offers even before the event.”

It’s also fair to mention that Wyncode Academy has a 92% placement rate for all students within 3 months of graduation. So it is therefore with great honor that we present you the above video so that you may see for yourself how cool pitch day is and why so many people, including our alumni, enjoy returning to attend.

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