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Welcome To Wyncode Academy’s First Cohort, In 40 Pictures

Written by wyncode on 8th May 2014, 10:14 AM

WYncode FIrst Cohort May 2014

At Wyncode Academy, students work in a fast paced, high impact environment, surrounded by the leaders of the future of Miami Tech at The LAB in Wynwood.

Welcome to Wyncode! Class is now in session at the first ever cohort of Miami, and the state of Florida’s first ever coding bootcamp.

Mark this day in your calendars and pay close attention to the faces of the 14 students in the following images. In just 9 weeks these same people will be transformed into fully operational junior web developers, capital ready entrepreneurs, founders of disruptive technology companies in leading industries, and future billionaires.

How far will they go? Their potential is infinite. How strong is the collaborative energy in the room? Unbounded. How dedicated are the 6 instructors to helping build the knowledge of their 14 students? Completely, unequivocally, fully, and totally.

Not only are Wyncode Academy founders Juha and Johanna Mikkola psyched about their student’s futures, but lead instructor Ed Toro’s eyes are visibly glowing from the intensity of his teaching experience.

Now, check out these pictures of a typical day at a not so typical school, and look out for many more blogs on the way.


students at wyncode

At Wyncode Academy, each day consists of a lecture, lunch, problem sets, a project to work on, and the imperative to “learn by doing,” with the expert help of dedicated instructors helping all students from a variety of skill levels.


Early course work includes an introduction to Boolean Logic.

wyncode___first_cohort75 The classroom is near the front entrance to LAB Miami which has been featured in articles by the Associated Press, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and many others, as the burning core of the Miami Tech scene.wyncode___first_cohort79

Lead instructor Ed Toro is an MIT graduate and pro coder who is deeply connected to every facet of the South Florida technology infrastructure.


Ed says, “It’s been exciting to see the students staying late after class is over to continue working.”


Wyncode Academy student Bryan Perez says, “I tried teaching myself coding from a text book, but it was hard to stay motivated. Here I’ve learned so much in two days already, it’s amazing!”


Wyncode Academy co-founder Johanna Mikkola says, “We keep a close pulse on every student to help insure their success.”


Learn code, change your life. There are more jobs in coding than there are qualified applicants. Get qualified!


Julie Kramer is a Wyncode Academy student from Ft Lauderdale. She says, “I was working as a site editor, directly with developers. But I wanted creative freedom, and to learn to be self sufficient. I didn’t think I would learn so much so fast.”


Some students are looking to land corporate jobs (which start at an average salary of $60,000 per year in this industry), others want to start their own companies. Either way, the school is committed to helping them all achieve their goals through knowledge, as well as networking.


With billions of dollars on the horizon, and the world’s eyes on Miami as the capital of the Latin American technology sector, the possibilities are infinite for anybody willing to put in the work to set their goals in motion through action.


Disruptive technology is how antiquated systems of bureaucracy are diminished in power to make way for better, faster, and stronger ways of doing business.


Ruby data types are a core concept of the curriculum, and a leading force in web development.


Syntax, syntax, syntax. You must learn to speak the language of code to write the future into existence.


Craft beer, baby. Work hard, learn hard, play hard, and relax in one of the world’s leading destinations for quality of life. Welcome to Miami.


LAB Miami + Knight Foundation = network for net worth.


This is where dreams become reality for those willing to put themselves out there in front of the venture capital community.


Computation is a key force in education.


Cyclists encouraged.


Never be afraid to gamble on yourself. You have to believe it to achieve it.


Scholars make dollars. Learn, learn, learn, and you’ll have money to burn while you earn.


These are just a few of the companies that work out of LAB.


There is a highly developed curriculum for Wyncode Academy, formed in part by instructors from local universities


In Wynwood, art and science come together for globally recognized creative tech.


This is what you call rapt attention. As in “Completely fascinated by what one is seeing or hearing.”


The Emerge America’s organization, founded by the Miami local who sold Terremark to Verizon, is fully committed to fostering local coding culture.


A wall projector displays core concepts in real time.


Student PK is excited by the opportunity to create his own web app.


Doers are just thinkers who take the next logical step toward manifesting their visions into physical reality.


Teaching assistant Chris Scott is a local expert in product design, software, and web apps.


Great things happen when groups of people work together for a common goal.


Java, and java, apples, and apple.




Are you #InItToWynIt


Future thought leaders of America


Ed Toro Wyncode Academy GIF



What’s good for we, is good for me.


Wyncode Academy founders Johanna and Juha Mikkola, helping foster growth in talent for the City of Miami.


Stake your claim in the future.


Welcome to Wyncode Academy, the time is now!


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