Victoria Moser, a Woman in Tech Who Just Won’t Quit

Written by Jocelyn Caster on 26th October 2016, 2:40 PM

Recently, I got the chance to interview Victoria Moser, a recent graduate from Miami Cohort 10. Victoria is truly inspiring – even after her cohort finished, she is at The LAB Miami, Wyncode’s home base, coding every single day. She is usually at the office before the Wyncode team gets in  and leaves after everyone else has gone home. She is truly an exemplar of our motto this fall, “You Can Code.”

Despite her cheery demeanor and seemingly effortless ease working with technology, coding was not a skill that came naturally for Victoria. According to the teaching team, Victoria started out struggling a lot in the course. But, she was extremely thorough and always did the extra work. Today she is one of our most active alumni. One of our core values at Wyncode is to hustle the extra mile in order to succeed, and Victoria certainly embodies this. She is currently looking forward (and working hard!) toward reaching her full potential at an awesome company.

I wanted to hear about her Wyncode experience, and we ended up talking about being a woman in a male-dominated field, how being an immigrant has inspired her to become a better coder, and why it helps to be a part of the #WynFam.

J: Can you tell me a little bit about the story of Victoria? I know that you are an immigrant. How has that affected your journey with Wyncode?

V: I moved here from Honduras seven years ago. Being an immigrant, and especially due to my accent, I’ve always felt the need to prove myself. I always loved science in school, yet people used to say, “Oh, she won’t be great at biology.” That made me need to become the best in the class. I’ve always had to hustle harder and go above and beyond to prove myself. That definitely translated into my Wyncode experience, where that competitive side in me kicked in.

J: What is your professional and educational background?

V: I am a former Biologist with a minor in Chemistry who was on her way to Medical School, but due to some unfortunate life circumstances, I had to take a year off. During this time, I discovered Wyncode, and decided to take the leap of faith and join the most recent Miami cohort.

J: Did you have any coding knowledge or related skills before embarking on the Wyncode journey?

V: I had no coding experience prior to Wyncode, but what  I had was a passion for technology and no time to explore it on my own. I knew that coding was powerful and amazing, and I just wished one day I could pursue it.

J: What is the most challenging part of learning to code?

V: The most challenging part of learning to code was learning to be okay with failing, at least for me, as I was used to just studying really hard and leaving no room for failure. It took me a while to be okay with not being the best coder. The worst part was receiving error messages. Only later did I realize that they are actually there to help you, and guide you through to the right path. The most important thing I learned is that they are not a reflection of who you are as a programmer.

J: Wyncode is a proud partner of WIN Lab, an accelerator program for women in entrepreneurship. We realize how important it is – and how difficult it can be – for women to enter careers in tech. Have you struggled with being a woman entering such a traditionally male-dominated field?

V: I think women may feel scared to succeed in male-dominated industries. Or they’re too intimidated to break into those fields at all, so that they don’t even want to try. Personally, I don’t give a damn that I’m a woman in a male-dominated field. I just want to reach my full potential.


“Personally, I don’t give a damn that I’m a woman in a male-dominated field. I just want to reach my full potential.”


J: Can you describe your favorite success in the process? When did things suddenly ‘click’?

V: Things clicked for me when I finally trusted my Wyncode family. Don’t get me wrong, it is not like I did not trust them from the beginning because obviously I wouldn’t have joined the program. But when I started trusting the process and all my instructors, I started to believe in myself. This helped me trust that when they told me I was doing well, they really meant it. It gave me the confidence I needed to have my breakthrough.

J: Our new slogan this fall and winter is “You Can Code.” Can you explain how this phrase resonates with you and your story?

V: The phrase ” You Can Code” resonates with my story because before Wyncode, I had no idea how to write one line of code, and now I can build a whole web application from scratch. I am not gonna lie, it is challenging and you do not know all the answers, but Wyncode taught me how to be independent and find those answers for myself. They taught me to trust myself!

J: What made you take the leap of faith to try coding?

V: To be honest, I was extremely skeptical about Wyncode. I thought it sounded too good to be true, but then I attended Pitch Day, where Wyncoders present their final projects,  and I was impressed. I talked to some alumni, and saw how far they had come without any previous coding experience. That day, I decided that if they could do it, so could I.


“That day, I decided that if they could do it, so could I.”


J: What opportunities have you taken advantage of in learning to code?

V: At Wyncode you not only learn how to code, you also learn a lot about yourself. Attending Wyncode was the best decision I have made in my life, because I not only learned a lot, but I found a family and mentor. Ed Toro, Wyncode’s head instructor] is the most amazing teacher. He’s not only smart but he cares about us. I am very thankful for everything I learned and all the friendships I made along the way.

And, thanks to Wyncode, I can now pursue my passion for technology. Medical School is a thing of the past. I am at the beginning of a rewarding career doing something I am extremely passionate about. Also, the Wynfam is a real thing. I actually just started my own business on the side with someone from Cohort XI and attended Wyncode’s Founder’s Dinner, where others with start ups share their successes and failures. .

Every day, I am working hard and looking forward to working  towards my  full potential as a developer.



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