10 Week Immersive Program 

No Previous Experience Necessary

Financing Available

Next cohort starts: September 30, 2019

Learn the Fundamentals of 

User Experience & User Interface Design

Product Design

User Experience and User Interaction Design (UX/UI),  is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product - taking into consideration all the different mediums in which that user interacts with the product or service i.e. Desktop, Mobile, Table, AR, etc. 

What is UX/UI?

Wyncode Academy is the premier accelerated learning destination in South Florida. Wyncode currently offers in-person courses for Full Stack Web Development, User Experience & User Interface (UX/UI) Design, Front End Web Development and Digital Marketing in Wynwood, Miami, Florida. Wyncode also has the ability to create custom cohorts and corporate training programs in addition to their newest venture Wyntalent, a consulting service for mid and senior level dev talent. Wyncode's network reaches far and wide with over 650+ alumni and more than 315+ hiring partners.

What will I be learning?

In 10 weeks, you will learn how to do user research, design and build digital experiences for all mediums: desktop, mobile, table and others. 


Users + Research


Through Design

Shaping User Journey

Introduction to UX Framework

Collaborative Discovery

Professional Development

What roles in tech will I be equipped for?

Product Designer

User Experience Designer

User Interface Designer

UX Researcher

Visual Designer

Information Architect

Content Strategist

Who is this program good for?

Professionals with a background or interest in...

No experience or knowledge necessary!

Web Design

Digital Media





Graphic Design

An amazing Instructor

Gessica Tortolano has 23 years of experience nurturing world-class designers, leading clients and teams through the product design process. She has worked with brands like Google, Coca Cola, Facebook, ESPN, NBA, Burger King, FIAT and Carnival, to name a few.  She spearheads Wyncode's UX/UI program and is a staple in Miami's Design and Tech ecosystem. Her passion lies in solving problems, beginning with a true understanding of what problems we are solving for.

The Benefits of Our Program

Everything you need to consider when signing up for our bootcamp:

Lifetime Job Support by Wyntalent

Our Wyntalent team is dedicated to helping you prepare for a career in tech. From 1-on-1 sessions to discuss your goals and aspirations, to introductions to any of our 320+ Hiring Partners, Wyntalent is the next step towards changing your career and a unique advantage Wyncode Academy offers. Our 2017 Job Placement Numbers have reflected that 90% of our job seeking students have secured a full time opportunity within 60 days of completing our programs.

Collaboration with our Web Developers

Wyncode's curriculum is constantly evolving and adapting to the demands of the hiring market and the needs of our students. This is why we have created a new model of learning -- in which our UX/UI students will collaborate with our Full Stack Web Developers to create fully designed and developed final projects. This exposure if pivotal in learning how both sides of a tech team collaborates in real life - and a great opportunity to upscale the student's final pitches.

Amazing Real Life Projects

Wyncode Academy is always looking for creative ways to make an impact in the Miami community, which is why we partner with local leaders and organizations to task our students with real life projects that can make a difference in our community. Some of our recent partners: The City of Miami, The Air Force, Bloomberg and the Church. 

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