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1st Person Prosecuted Under the 1986 CFAA

1st Worm to be Unleashed on The Internet

2011 World Record for Most Hacks In Single Attack

Adrian Lamo Illegal Penetration Testing

African Social Engineering Criminal Groups

An Unusual Climate Change in 1999

Blackshades Malware Takedown

Botnet Keystroke Logging

Dark Dante’s Hacking Exploits

Digital Equipment Corporation Network Hacking

FBI Cyber Crimes Story Index

FBI Focuses on Hackers and Online Intrusion Threats

FBI’s Hacking Fugitives Most Wanted List

First Young Hacker to be Incarcerated for Computer Crimes

Freedom Downtime Documentary

Gameover Zeus Botnet

How Much Did They Lose?

International Cyber Ring Dismantled

Inventing The World Wide Web

KAPTOXA Program Breaches Target

KIIS-FM Hacking Nets Mitnik a New Porsche

LA Free Ride Bus Punch Card System Hacking

Marshall Space Flight Center NASA 1999 Hack by 15 Year Old



Miss Teen USA Sextortion Attempt

Money-pak Virus

Morris Worm

National Defense Warning System Hacking

Network Intrusions

New York Times Intranet Hacking

New York Times’ LexisNexis Account Hacked

News of the World” Cellular Telephone Hacking

Non-Fiction Movies About Real-Life Hacking Incidents

One of the Apples of Our Eyes

Pentagon DTRA Weapons System 1999 Hack by 15 Year Old

Phishing Ring Busted

Phone Phreaking Phreak

Russian hacking of U.S. Bank

Sextortion Stopped by LA Cyber Squad



Spyeye Malware

Target Hacking Alarms Ignored

Target, Snapchat, Yahoo! Slideshow

“The Hannibal Lecter of Computer Crime”

“The Homeless Hacker”

Trojan Horse Reigned In From Stealing Another $70 Million

Twitter @BurgerKing Hack

What Did Jonathan James Do?

What Happened in 2010?

What Linus Torvalds Did

What rms Did

What Tim Berners-Lee Did

WhoDunnit, Who Hacked Hacker Tsutomu Shimomura’s home computer?

Wiretap Hacking Into Federal Computers


Yahoo! “exploit kit” By The Hour

Yellow Page Numbers Reactivated for Escort Service