Top Tech Trends of 2015

Written by wyncode on 8th January 2015, 10:00 AM

The world of technology is exciting, confusing, helpful, wonderful, and scary all at the same time. Through the development and integration of these new advancements in modern technology, the users of these technologies will enjoy incredible advancements that are sure to continue to expand throughout the year 2015.

Specialized API Services

There will be an increase in the services provided by companies such as Azure for those building websites.

Programming Applications

There will be an increase in the availability to create pages with the help of programming from such companies as Scala and Swift. Users will have more freedom to create their own programs and pages.


The use of 3-D imaging to create real products is fast becoming a very popular and useful technology. Being able to create a physical product from a computer program opens the doors to a multitude of applications.

Medical Applications

Advancements in robotics, mobility, technology, and voice control are being integrated into the medical field as prosthetics and robotic limbs.

More New Designs of Devices

New products of different sizes and applications will be developed to meet more of the consumer demands. This includes new hands free devices and multi-use devices.

New Tools for Users

There will be a rise in the amount of tools that everyday non-programmers and users can utilize to build their desired pages and web-based interests.

Security Measures

There will be an increase in specialized security measures and companies to handle threats and stay ahead of the hackers and internet criminals.

Creation of More Cloud Solutions

These areas of secure storage for sensitive and private information will become the desired form of storage and safety.

More Connections

There will be an increase in the amount and types of devices that can be used to connect to the internet and network utilities. This will offer more options to the consumers including watches, music players, cars, and home security systems.

Analytic Uses

New technologies will make it easier for companies to analyze and organize information to increase business and make critical business decisions. New technologies will handle the increase in this formulated data collection.

When it comes to technology as being part of our daily lives, there have been great advancements that are sure to be implemented in 2015. Marrying these technologies to a variety of devices and services gives the consumer an exciting and technologically filled year to look forward to.