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Top 10 Ruby on Rails Development Resources

Written by wyncode on 4th August 2014, 4:55 PM

Ruby on Rails, or RoR, is a web dev framework that’s open source and runs in the Rails program. There are a ton of resources out there that are helpful and easy to use when coding in RoR. In fact, there are many programmers who use these resources religiously to become more efficient and optimize every level of their coding process. Here is a list of 10 of the best resources to use for Ruby on Rails:

1. Hobo
Hobo has a large collection of various plug-ins and gems for Ruby on Rails that are designed to help you build just about anything you can think of, from fully-realized web-apps to one-off prototypes.

2. Ruby Facets
This resource has been around for almost 10 years and has become one of the largest libraries available for Ruby. There are literally hundreds of methods available in Ruby Facets that have each been crafted from the combined experience of many Ruby experts.

3. Bitnami Ruby Stack
This resource allows programmers to deploy an entire development network in just a single click. Aside from the libraries and runtime, Bitnami Ruby Stack also has some of the most popular gems for application building, including Mongrel, Nokogiri, Passenger, RMagick, Rake, and many others.

This is a great compiler for Ruby on Rails for the .NET system.

5. Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer’s Guide
This is an all in one e-book tutorial and reference guide that covers all aspects of Ruby. It’ll help you learn to use Ruby and, as a result, write much better and more productive code while having a good time doing it.

6. Aptana Radrails
The Aptana Studio 3 web dev tool has recently added radrails as a standard feature, so this open source and completely free IDE for Ruby on Rails no longer needs to be downloaded separately.

7. Ruby Development Tool
This Ruby IDE has tons of the greatest Ruby aware plug-ins and features for the Eclipse platform.

8. Learn To Program
This tutorial system isn’t just great for learning Ruby on Rails, but also for learning virtually any language out there. It’s a great resource to use for novices and experts alike.

9. DZone Snippets
This is a public source code repository that’s great to use to build up your own collection of snippets of code. It’ll allow you to categorize them easily by using keywords and tags and will help you bring your own snippets to programmers all over the world.

Four Days On Rails
For beginners to the language, this is a great tutorial that can get you comfortable using Ruby on Rails to build basic applications in just four days.

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