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Top 10 Health Hacks For Coders and Web Devs in South Florida

Top 10 Health Hacks For Coders and Web Devs in South Florida

Written by Administrator on 18th August 2015, 3:52 PM

Successful computer programmers are always looking to optimize efficiency.

And in 2015 more and more coders correlate health and productivity. According to Fortune Magazine, “There is a cultural shift afoot in the technology industry: fitness”

At Wyncode Academy we encourage all of our coding bootcamp students to live active and healthy lifestyles that may help maximize their success in the coding arena. Here are 10 South Florida health hacks that could help all computer programmers.


Photo by Crisco 1492 via Wikimedia Commons

10. Drink Fresh Coconut Water for Hydration and Heart Health

Did you know that the sweet water from a fresh young green coconut contains more potassium than a banana and more electrolytes than your favorite sports drink. It’s a living beverage that people around the world enjoy. In South Florida we’re lucky to pick and drink them fresh off the tree. Coconut water not only promotes hydration and circulatory benefits, it’s sweet and delicious too!
In Miami – Glaser Organic Market every Saturday in Coconut Grove
In Ft Lauderdale – Las Olas Sunday Market


seared tuna

Photo via Steven Depolo on Flickr (Creative Commons)

9. Eat Fresh Wild Caught Tuna For Brain Boosting Omega 3’s
Tuna isn’t just a lean and tasty fish best eaten wild caught from local waters, it’s a brain food that promotes mental health with its high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, the same lovely compound found in high concentrations in the human brain. During pregnancy Omega 3’s are the building block of the fetal neural network.
In Miami – Freshii Wynwood
In Ft Lauderdale – Zona Fresca Ft Lauderdale


cashews in a bowl

Photo via Ginge1420 on Wikimedia Commons (public domain)

8. Chew On Cashews For Healthy Fat and Energy
Monounsaturated fats are a great replacement for those nasty saturated fats that clog arteries and cause high blood pressure. The powerful one-bonded-molecule fats found in cashews actually benefit heart health, and that’s according to the American Heart Association. Cashews are also a great source of protein, and fun to eat too.
In Miami – Milam’s Markets
In Ft Lauderdale – Whole Foods Florida 


7. Drink A Noni Fruit Smoothie for Mental Stimulation and Light Euphoria
What is noni fruit? It’s a funky, pungent fruit native to southeast Asia that thrives in South Florida’s subtropical climate and can also be found throughout the Caribbean. In the Dominican Republic, where medicinal juices are one of the most prevalent forms of health care, the noni is revered for its medicinal properties. Don’t ever buy it from a can or in a powder, the only way to fully enjoy the fruit’s benefits is fresh, diluted with coconut water, and a hint of fresh moringa leaf. Its properties include light euphoria and supercharging brain cells.
South Florida – Kokonut Kreationz at the Glaser Organic Market in Coconut Grove every Saturday


carrot juice

Photo by Brevilla USA on Flickr (creative commons)

6. Drink Carrot Juice For Eye Health
So you think you can stare at a screen for 16 hours a day and not worry about its effects on your ocular functions? It’s time to start considering the possible adverse effects of long-term close-proximity screen-staring and how to counter it with natural food and drinks. Carrot juice helps promote the body’s absorption of Vitamin A which has a strong correlation with overall eye health. This is true of many of the orange colored foods like yam and pumpkin. With high levels of Beta Carotene, this is one drink that could help your eye sight, and your vision.
In Miami – Guarapo Organic Juice Bar
In Ft Lauderdale – MyaPapaya


Keez Beez Raw Florida Honey

Keez Beez Raw Florida Honey – Photo by Jacob Katel

5. Eat or Drink Raw Florida Keys Honey for Gastrointestinal Health
Did you know that honey never goes bad? The honey found buried in King Tut’s tomb, from ancient Egypt, is still edible, and probably delicious. Locally procured honey also has anecdotal allergy fighting properties. And honey is also good for the stomach. Upon consumption it coats the inside of the throat and stomach to fight acid reflux, as well as tummy aches. For people who over-consume acidic beverages like coffee and soda, honey can help to cure what ails you.
In Miami – Keez Bees at Adrienne Arsht Center Farmers Market every Monday 4pm-8pm
In Ft Lauderdale – Marando Farms and Farmers Market


4. Eat Fresh Sunflower Greens For Muscular Health
Micro greens aren’t just a trendy veg on the side at the hottest restaurants in Midtown and South Beach, they’re a healthful, and some say delicious, way to fill up on antioxidants and essential amino acids that help repair muscle tissue. After a heavy workout, these tiny, power packed sprouts can offer more benefit than the biggest jar of whatever-powder from your local general nutrition center.
In Miami and Ft Lauderdale – Available at all Whole Foods in Florida from Green Garden Organics


3. Eat Bean Sprouts For Exponential Fresh Vitamin Intake
What do bean sprouts have in common with spinach, collards, beets, and kale? Vitamin K, baby, great for bone strength and heart disease prevention. Not only that, these snapping crisp sprouts also contain Vitamin C, and Vitamins A, E, and B-Complex too. That accounts for healthy skin, hair, gums, mood, sleep, and more.
In Miami – Choices Cafe Miami 
In Ft Lauderdale – Sublime Restaurant


2. Brain Optimized Ice Cream for Overall Health
Don’t be vanilla! Gourmet ice cream with ingredients and flavors that include fresh olive oil, gourmet chocolate, avocados, orange rinds and other mental stimulators could help boost your brain activity through a tasty treat that many enjoy. And ice cream of course offers a sweet  reward for all of your hard work as a programmer.
Get It:
In Miami – Azucar Ice Cream
In Ft Lauderdale – Market 17 Ft Lauderdale


mangos on the tree in Miami

Photo by Ines Hegedus Garcia via Flickr (Creative Commons)

1. Mango
Whether you seek to promote eye, digestive, bone, skin, and/or hair health, the lovely and delicious mango has you covered. With over 1,000 species of the fruit to choose from, each with its own distinct flavors and benefits, you should be busy eating mango all summer everywhere in South Florida, where it abundantly grows to the great delight of all of its fans and connoisseurs.
Get It:
In Miami and Ft Lauderdale – Any Tree Near You

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