Written by wyncode on 23rd December 2014, 10:00 AM

Coding and coding education are fast becoming one of the hottest tech trends of the 21st century. Want an app for a specific purpose but can’t find it in the Apple or Google store? Create it yourself. Don’t know how? Learn, it’s easy. At least that’s what the majority of these iOS and Android apps claim. So, without further ado, let’s roll out the top ten smartphone apps for programmers.



If you work in Lisp, this iPhone app could make life much more convenient for you. Designed with iPhone limitations in mind, Lisping centers its interface around editing the parse tree, which helps programmers navigate the app better using iPhone/iPad’s touch screen capabilities. It also supports editing for Scheme and Clojure, though you can only review your finished product with Scheme.


Working with Haskell? No worries. With Raskell, you can edit and view Haskell programs with a custom-designed keyboard (on the iPad) on a full Haskell 98 development atmosphere. It also check syntax as you code, warning you if there are any errors.


Yet another programming language app, Pythonista allows Python users to program using their iPhone or iPad. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced user, Pythonista’s interactive prompt is accessible to anybody, featuring a fully-loaded code editor, extended custom-designed keyboard, and customizable interface.


One of the faster code editors for iPhone and iPad, Textastic supports syntax highlighting of over 80 programming languages, using various wi-fi connection methods to give users access to websites and source code no matter where they’re at.


Touting itself as the most beautiful and easiest iOS coding app out there, Codea uses the Lua programming language and the multitouch interface of iPad/iPhone to give users touch access to every piece of code their imagination can come up with. Great for creating games and simulations.



An educational program, Algoid utilizes a simple language–called Algoid Language, or AL–to teach kids and teenagers (and whoever else is interested) how to code programs  and animations.

Developer Tools

The creator of Developer Tools would like you to think of the Android app as a toolbox for programmers, giving users various options including: viewing which resource qualifiers are in use, viewing available system options, and access to 3rd party apps from one interface, among other features.

Pocket Cloud

Pocket Cloud touts itself as the ultimate remote access app. Access and run files from Windows or Mac computers no matter where you are, with limited connectivity issues, enhanced security and reliability.


Considered one of the more popular coding apps for Android, DroidScript (previously known as AndroidScript) allows users to easily code apps for their phone or tablet. And with the JavaScript base, it’s even easier for beginners to learn how to code with Java. DroidScript also comes with a built-in browser based IDE that connects to WiFi and gives the user uninterrupted and unlimited coding time.


Ever wanted to develop actual Android apps directly on you android? AIDE claims to be the best in this regard, with interactive coding lessons and in-depth explanations of techniques meant to turn any beginner into an expert in no time. With a easy-to-use code editor and real-time error checking along with a host of other features, AIDE will have you creating your own Android apps in no time.