Top 10 Apps of 2014

Top 10 Apps of 2014

Written by wyncode on 5th January 2015, 10:00 AM

The usefulness of Smart phones has been expanded dramatically these past few years through the use of apps. 2014 saw excellent apps for Android, Windows Phone and iOS hit the market. There were also some updates for ones already around that made them a necessity for your phone. The following are ten of the best that were available in 2014:

1. Waze


This Android navigation service app enables you to avoid traffic jams and lets you warn others about them. With its large user base, it is a must have for those rush hour commutes.

2. Snapchat

Snapchat has been on the social media scene for a couple years but it really came into it’s own in 2014. This app enables people to only fleetingly share photos with friends or family and the number of photos shared in 2014 hit an astounding 700 million daily.

3. Dropbox


This is an essential app for anyone who has work and home computers and a laptop and needs to easily transfer files between them. Upload files to the Dropbox service site and then download them to any of your machines without having to plug your phone into any of them.

4. Hyperlapse

This app enables you to create professional looking videos with your smart phone. This app is renowned for its excellent software stabilization so you can take a smooth video despite movement of your phone

5. MyFitnessPal

An app that enables you to add the foods that you eat quickly and easily so you can keep track of your diet and calories. An essential weight loss tool.

6. Google+


The Google+ app was downloaded by nearly 49 million unique users last year. Google’s foray into social networking also integrates with Gmail and YouTube.

7. Spotify

This music streaming service is free but also offers paid premium services. It is the most popular music streaming app and has a huge library of music.

8. Instagram

A combination photo sharing and social networking website and app, it makes it a snap to take a photo or video for friends or family and then easily transform its look or feel.

9. Uber

The Uber app enables you to get a ride wherever you need to go in ever expanding markets with each passing year. The app enables people who need a ride and those with a car who wish to make a little extra money to get in touch and create a win-win situation. Riders can review drivers and vice versa on the service.

10. Songza

Songza enables you to have it stream appropriate music to your phone based on parameters you set for it. If you push the “love and romance” button on your phone’s screen it will play appropriate romantic music, and it offers similarly appropriate music for a myriad of different situations, whether you are working out, ready for bed or having friends over.