Welcome to Wyncode

You've made it to the other side!  Now it's time for you to get ready. Here is a checklist with everything you need to prepare and know before classes start: 

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  1. Sign your Wyncode Student Enrollment Agreement.
  2. Fill out our onboarding survey. 
  3. Submit a copy of your ID and diploma.
  4. Schedule an onboarding session.
  5. Finalize your tuition payment.
  6. Complete pre-work before class.
  7. Check out the Wynstore.

Your Web Dev Checklist


Sign Student Enrollment Agreement

Your EA document was emailed to you from SignNow and needs to be signed within 3 days. If you don't see it in your inbox, please let our admissions team know. 

This is a way for us to get to know you better and have everything set for your first week of class. 


Complete On-Boarding Survey




Upload Your Documents Here

Submit your required documentation (proof of graduation for most recent degree & identification) to onboarding@wyncode.co. This is a requirement from the FL Department of Education and is essential to officially start with us.



Schedule Mandatory On-boarding Session

Meet with your Associate Instructor! They will make sure your computer environment is set up properly for class. Please have your computer with you for this session.



Option 1: Pay in full upfront - must be paid one week before classes start.

  • If by credit card: make online payment here.
  • If by check: the check(s) must be made out to "Wyncode Academy" and can be mailed or dropped off at our office.
  • If by wire transfer: please contact us for our routing & account number.

Option 2: Finance

  • Apply and accept loan with Climb Credit one week before classes start.

Option 3: Combine partial upfront payment w/ partial Climb Credit loan. 

Finalize Payment Options


Complete Pre-Work Before Class

Complete the following tutorials:

  1. Intro to HTML
  2. Intro to CSS
  3. Intro to JavaScript
  4. (Optional) JavaScript Challenge

Codio is where you will complete your pre-work and homework during the course. Please note it is mandatory to complete all pre-work including the tutorials above in order to start class.

Check Out the Wynstore


If you don't see an item that you'd like, just let us know! 

On your first day, you will receive a free Wyncode t-shirt. If you want other Wyncode swag for yourself or friends and family, check out the Wynstore!

Now that you've completed your onboarding tasks, here are some mandatory dates to mark on your calendar: 

*Date and times subject to change. 

  • June 6th: Full Stack Web Dev One Day Bootcamp
  • June 25th: What is Career Week?
  • July 6th: First Day of Class
  • September 10th: Portfolio Review 
  • September 14th-18th: Career Week

As an incoming Wyncoder, you are invited and highly encouraged to attend our events!

Save these dates!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to onboarding@wyncode.co. 

See you in class soon. 

You are done!