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A Rundown of the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

A Rundown of the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

Written by wyncode on 19th January 2015, 10:00 AM

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been reported to be the most amazing and largest CES ever, a particularly honorable achievement considering it’s been around for 40 years now.

With record-breaking attendance and displays, CES stood yet again as the premiere event for the tech scene, with innovators unveiling amazing products and services that will improve peoples’ lives and solve various world problems for years to come.

This year’s show featured over 3,600 exhibitors, including a number of startups and different technological advancements in a variety of categories such as gaming, 3D printers, connected devices, unmanned vehicles, personal health care solutions, and automotive electronics. More than 2.2 million square feet of space was used for the different exhibits, with over 170,000 professionals — including over 45,000 from outside the U.S. — gathering to experience these amazing inventions.

A few bullet points from the 4-day event:

Day 1

  • The first day of CES opened the event in grand fashion as Gary Shapiro, CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, delivered the Consumer Electronic Industry address in which he announced that the revenues for this industry are projected to have a three percent increase in 2015, reaching $223 billion. With the U.S. Consumer Electronics Sales and Forecast as a source, the announcement was well received.
  • Mark Fields, President of Ford Motor Co., revealed that Ford’s new Smart Mobility Plan aims to solve the challenges of today’s global transportation. This plan will utilize big data, mobility, and connectivity to operate 25 global experiments. Ford’s developers will use OpenXC, an open source software and hardware, to assist Ford in creating solutions for better customer experience, social collaboration, and more models that are flexible and user-ship.
  • Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, announced that 2015 marks the next stage of consumer technology, which will include wearable evolution, intelligence everywhere, and computing unleashed.
  • The first day was also filled with other announcements and seminars highlighting current technology trends and issues.

Day 2

  • In a great panel, Gary Shapiro spoke with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, along with David Kilpatrick, founder and CEO of Techonomy. Discussing various tech issues, the three men were joined by other notable guests and panelists as John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, and Neil Smit, CEO of Comcast Cable.

Day 3

  • Day three started off with a competition called the Last Gadget Standing. Attendees were given the task of voting for the hottest gadgets at the event, choosing from a wide array of products ranging from molecular sensors to non-wearable monitors. In the end, a building system named MeccaNoid robotics took first place, with top prizes awarded to Lyve App and uCiC.
  • After an intense evening at the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC), three winners emerged in Doctor on Demand, Breathometer, and Wanderu.

Day 4

  • The last day of CES saw many breakthroughs in product launches and technology updates, from new 3D printer models to body monitoring systems, with much, much more.

Overall, the 2015 CES was enormous with innovated technology that appealed to all types of technology desires, and community help while exceeding the expectations of all the attendees.

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