Refresh Miami Startup Funding Community Event in Pictures

Written by wyncode on 30th May 2014, 10:01 AM

miami science museum clock
Maybe it’s ironic that the clock of the Miami Science Museum is off by several hours, or maybe it means that the time is always now.

In either case, Refresh Miami’s May 2014 Startup Funding tech community event was a resounding show of force in the local entrepreneurial scene. South Florida is at the start of a huge technological revolution. Tremendous capital will be generated in the next 5 years, and Wyncode Academy intends to be a leading force in that movement by educating the nascent co-founder, coder, and executive management talent that will make it all a reality.

The leader of the discussion was @carlosnobox, and the invited guests were and Together, they represent more dinero than a day at the U.S. mint.

Here’s a photo recap on a panel that saw many laughs, a healthy dose of competitive ribbing, and a rapt audience of South Floridians ready to show the world our mettle, and make billions of dollars in the process.

refresh miami event

The lobby of the Miami Science Museum buzzed with the mingling of over 100 of the some 8,000 or so members of Refresh Miami, the largest tech community of its kind in the Southeast United States.

brian Breslin

Co-founder Brian Breslin was in the heart of the action, taking tickets, and greeting newcomers.

refresh miami event

The people of South Florida came to get their learn on, and they were excited to do so.

model architecture

Just a picture of a cool scale model in the lobby of the museum.

refresh miami crowd

There was free beer, free pizza, free cookies, and free soda. It was awesome.

wyncode students

Wyncode Academy students and Miami Techsters enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the movement from the perspective of those whose minds are fully creatively entrenched in business, code, web applications, starting startups, and entrepreneurship.

miami tech networkers

There was a genuine joy in the air that combined with the heat of the greatest city on the planet Earth left the people positively glowing.

miami tech entrepreneurs

Three of the panelists for the Startup Funding event talking shop before the big crescendo.

refresh miami guests

Every single person in attendance could be a future billionaire.

beers in a cooler

Cold drinks for a hot night.

miami science museum

Meanwhile, the soundwave exhibit in the parking lot of the Miami Science Museum has captured the imagination of kids of all ages for generations.

refresh miami nametag

Yes, there were nametags.

3 ladies of tech

Many ladies of tech were in attendance.

panel assembly

Well before the appointed start time, the auditorium became a hive of activity in its own right.

in the audience

As the seats began to fill, the energy was palpable.

people in the crowd

People talked amongst themselves, made new friends, cracked jokes, and observed each other in motion.

smiling faces

The exchange of ideas had a momentum all its own.


computing always

Attendees stayed in tune with the pulse of technology by grabbing radio waves out of the sky and interacting with reality  through cyberspace.

Miami Tech

The panelists were ready for action.

Juha Mikkola

Wyncode Academy co-founder Juha Mikkola excited to be a leader in the Miami Technology movement.

Ed Toro Miami

Ed Toro surveys the scene with an ice cold brew in hand.

never not working

Humans are better than robots, and don’t you forget it.

Brian Breslin

Brian Breslin entertains the crowd as the live stream video connection to the WWW and an audience at Nova Southeastern University is established.

shaking hands

Everybody was encouraged to turn to their neighbor, shake their hand, and introduce themselves.

Johanna Mikkola

Just people being people.

Brian Breslin

And then it was almost time to start.

Refresh Miami

Refresh Miami co-founder working out the final touches on the audio visuals.

Johanna Mikkola and Ed Toro

Johanna Mikkola and Ed Toro caught in one of those funny moments between those you actually want to capture when light is refracted through a lens, processed as information by a computer chip, and turned into a picture.

Johanna Mikkola and Ed Toro of Wyncode

Coding is the future, and the future is now.

in the stands

The audience were in it to win it.

Refresh Miami May 2014

The room was at capacity, the event was sold out, and people around the world were ready to watch it live online.

Refresh Miami panel

And then it began.

making a point

Much wisdom was elucidated. Many dollar signs flashed in many eyeballs.

just to clarify

To sum it all up, South Florida is here to win, and the tech community is on the verge of many great accomplishments.

the panelists

Raising startup capital is not easy, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

in my opinion

There will be times when you want to give up. But true champions never quit.

south florida tech

There will be times when 49 out of 50 people tell you “No! That’s a crazy idea.” But you will persevere.

end of the event

And at the end of the day. We can all take our billions of dollars and invest them in each other, and whoever comes after us. The time is always now. No sequence of events is initiated without action. Don’t just learn to code. Learn to Wyncode Academy.