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Red Hot Ruby

Written by Juha Mikkola on 21st February 2014, 9:02 PM

Ruby on Rails is red hot.

Why should you learn Ruby on Rails?

Here’s a few reasons why we love Ruby on Rails and why you might, too.

  • Ruby, which is the language that Ruby on Rails is based on, is awesome. It’s comparatively easy to learn, since it’s based on English, and it’s object-oriented so that it’s easy to understand, maintain and update.
  • It’s Open Source, which means that you’re surrounded by a helpful community of developers that are ready to help you when you’re stuck.
  • The Rails framework relies on convention rather than configuration so once you learn to do things “the Rails way” the software will do a lot of the cumbersome work for you, leading to faster deployment. At the same time, Rails  gives you full control over the front end of your project through HTML, CSS and JavaScript so you can create beautiful web apps.
  • Nationally, Rails jobs tend to pay better than other developer jobs and the lack of experts means that the benefits and perks are also really good. A quick search on shows the median salary for a Rails developer after  a year of experience in NYC is nearly $70,000, with top earners well above the $100,000 threshold.
  • You might not have known this, but in South Florida there’s a huge demand for Ruby on Rails developers. According to our friend Anat Benarie at Modis, there’s currently 43 active candidates for 407 job postings for Ruby on Rails within a 50 mile radius of Fort Lauderdale. The top recruiter for Rails is Carecloud Corporation based in Miami.


What do you think about Ruby on Rails? Share your experiences in the comments.

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