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Jan 21
Apr 06

What makes Wyncode different?

The Wynfam<br />Community

The Wynfam

Large community of creatives and supportive alumni within the technology industry in Miami and beyond, all starting their tech careers from the same educational hub: Wyncode. Network at events, connect with alumni, ask questions or advice, and grow bonds both professional and personal that will take you beyond 10 week program. Wyncode is just where you start, the possibilities are endless.

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Wyncode is proud of it’s full time dedicated job support team helping you get your dream career, whether it’s entry level or any experience level after that. The job search can be tricky, but we’re here for support! From help with resume building and interviewing to connecting you to a rich network of hiring partners and friends.

Our Hiring Partners

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Wynbase co-working space

Wynbase co-working space

Our campus is a constant source of inspiration, collaboration and the shared philosophy of NEVER STOP LEARNING. Our open spaces are filled with techies working hard in their projects, creating and collaborating. Our kitchen / lunch area is stocked with all your basic needs (and most days that includes cold brew!). There are quiet rooms and meeting rooms for those who need to focus and our classrooms are full of all the tools you will need to learn.

In the heart of Wynwood

Wyncode Academy chose Wynwood to put down roots with our first brick-and-mortar campus, Wynbase! We believe technology is an art form and Wynwood is a neighborhood where tech and art live in harmony every day. Just steps away from amazing restaurants, shops, and galleries we’re proud to call Wynwood our home.

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Check out what others have to say from the UX/UI program

I was so luck to have attended Wyncode at the exact moment I did. I was fortunate to have Gessica as myhead instructor. No cohort was such a great group of people.

Mike Meade, UX/UI C2

Being a UX/UI Designer is advocating for successful processes that can help all organizations you enter.

Clara Kohn, UX/UI C2

I came to Wyncode’s UX/UI program for a change in career and to define myself. The UX framework is not only helpful in the industry but also in real life. Keep testing to improve!

Quynh Le, UX/UI C6

Wyncode is unique because it was established in Wynwood with the purpose of building the tech scene in South Florida…[and] the local infrastructure becoming part of the growth of the Magic City as an emerging tech center.

Vanessa Madrazo, UX/UI C5