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Part Time Web Development

Program Curriculum

Jan 13
Apr 20

Program Curriculum

What You'll Learn

Front End Web Developers are the ones tasked with creating responsive web design that converts the backend data into graphical interface for user to view and interact with using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. At Wyncode, you will be able to learn all the fundamentals of Front End Web Development in your spare time.

Meet Your Instructors


Israel is one of our very first Wyncode Alumni, taking the Full Stack Web Development program in early 2016. After graduation, he transitioned to the role of Teacher Assistant and has now become an official part of the Wyncode teaching family. Prior to joining Wyncode as our Lead Instructor for Front End Web Development, Izzy worked as a Web Developer for Bash Network, a social networking app for customers combined with a cloud-enabled Saas marketing & sales platform for venues in the nightclub and entertainment industry such as nightclubs, bars, restaurants and festivals. He helped transition and implement multi-lingual, country-specific web presence with strong focus in SEO, developed internal web based tools for marketing and human resources departments, and implemented product features according to customer specifications as well as product API for mobile developers. He holds an Associate of Science in Photography, Cinematography and Film/Video Production, as well as, an Associate of Arts in Business Administration and Management from Miami Dade College.

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