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Full Stack Web Development

Program Curriculum

Full time | 10 weeks | In-Person

What will you Learn?

Learn to write and use coding languages that will prepare you to build entire websites. From front end to back end in just 10 weeks! At the end, you’ll build a project and pitch it to a panel of industry experts.

Week 1

Static Front End - HTML, CSS, Git, GitHub, Command Line, Intro to Internet

Week 2

Intro to JavaScript - JavaScript Basics, Working with APIs & Building Interactive Websites

Week 3

Advanced JavaScript - Functions, Scopes, DOM Manipulation, Building Basic APIs, Understanding Clients and Servers

Week 4

Intro to React - React Components, State, Props, and Context

Week 5

Project Week - Advanced React

Week 6

Ruby - Agile Methodology, Syntax, Data Types, Classes, Modules, Errors, Gems

Week 7

Ruby on Rails - SQL, MVC Architecture, Building Complex Web Applications, Data Modeling

Week 8

Advanced Rails & React - User Authentication, Security Best Practices, Building Interactive Full Stack Applications

Week 9

React on Rails - SOLID Design Principles, Refactoring, Application Testing, Intro to Other Programming Languages

Week 10

Final Projects - Final Project, Presentations, Salary Negotiations, Entering the Workforce

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As Web Developers, we employ Programming Thinking

Learn how to think like a programmer

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What it’s like to be a full-stack developer

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Morning Announcements with Programs Manager

10:15 AM icon

Morning lecture with “live coding”

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1:30 PM icon

Review of morning lecture

4:00 PM icon

Work on projects and homework

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Attend an industry networking event



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Morning Announcements with Programs Manager

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Morning lecture with interactive problems

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Pair up and tackle a problem in 30-60 minutes

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Guest speaker

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Optional review with TAs

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Why Wyncode?

Complete full projects for your portfolio

Collaborate with UX/UI Designers

Enhance your professional and presentation skills

Career-centric approach


It doesn’t end at education. There’s a full team of job support— Wyntalent.

Hiring Partners and companies hiring Wyncode UX/UI alumni.

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In just a few weeks, students develop the skills they need to showcase design projects that ready them to apply for a whole new career field in UX/UI Product Design.