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Full Stack Web Development

Program Curriculum

Jan 21
Apr 06

Program Curriculum

What You'll Learn

Sure, you’ll learn what Active Record is and how to avoid merge conflicts in Git. But, really, what you’ll learn is how to think. Through lectures, walkthroughs, hackathons, one-on-one’s, projects, and so on, the lesson will be how to break down problems, how to approach errors, how to teach yourself. Because as a software developer, your most important skill will be unraveling the new and unknown until it is solved and understood.

Meet Your Instructors


Formerly the Lead Engineer at Mark Cuban funded Nuro Retention, Andy led a team of six developers building a product that helps schools assess and mitigate drop out risk. Prior to coding, Andy earned a Master’s in Education from Harvard University and worked as a Lead Teacher for Miami-Dade County Public Schools as well as running his own educational consultancy. Andy brings the best of both worlds: an understanding of the latest technologies combined with proven teaching methodologies. When Andy’s not in the classroom, he’s working with startups, paddle boarding or hanging out with his dog Lotti.

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