Meet Pio Molina, a professional violinist and recent grad of our Full Stack Web Development program. This is his #WyncodeStory and how he plans to #BuildNewWorlds connecting Music and Coding.

What encouraged you to join the program?

I have a background in classical music. I studied violin performance since I was 10 years old and got my bachelors degree for that in 2016. I love music, but a career opportunity in that field as a professional violinist is extremely limited, so I worked at Starbucks for a year and a half, before I first learned about Wyncode. A customer that was currently in the program said he was interviewing for a job after coding for only 2 months, which was enough encouragement for me to look into their Full Stack Web Development program.

Honestly, I was tired of making coffee and I wanted to quickly put myself in a position where my skills would make me a competitive candidate for the Miami job market. Now that I’ve completed the 10 week Immersive program, I look forward to integrating my software development skills into my passion for music, and apply it for a job in the music industry.

A day in the life of a Wyncoder

The whole program is kind of like a very long rollercoaster - Which I’m pretty sure is the analogy the staff used to describe it at orientation… But you start off and the first drop is not super crazy, learning HTML and CSS.

Then one week later you’re dropping thousands of feet at a 90º angle learning JavaScript. HTML and CSS are not actually considered programming languages so I would definitely say that despite their own difficulties and intricacies, the first programming language is definitely the hardest.

However, at the end of the day, a rollercoaster is still a rollercoaster. They’re supposed to be fun and Wyncode definitely is! The community and environment is extremely supportive and I’ve made many great friends while going through the program.


Tips and Hacks

Probably my biggest tips for incoming students are to be aggressively involved in every lecture, and follow all instructions EXACTLY as they are imparted.

The instructors at Wyncode know their stuff, and some of it can get really complicated. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and be ready to ask questions. Always check back in and ask yourself “am I getting what they want me to get from this lecture”, and if you’re not sure what they want you to get - ask them.

Ask what’s going on/ what things mean. Ask teachers to say things again! I think it’s better to ask a teacher to say something again and again, than to do something totally wrong because you didn’t understand what they said the first time. This doesn’t mean have them do all your homework for you/ fix all your problems - it means be aggressively involved in the lecture!

Also, when you follow instructions to the T, you save yourself a lot of time and brain space. If an assignment asks you to create a REPL game, it’s probably a good idea to make a REPL game. You might feel that a REPL game is beneath you and that you should take on something more challenging, but chances are - a REPL game will turn out to be more complicated than you think!

These courses are optimized for our learning, and if you decide to go on in your own path, it is likely that you won’t get as much out of it as you could have. Not to mention that coding is an art where everything has to be exact - so it’s probably best to get in the habit from the get go.

Biggest Challenge and Biggest Reward

The biggest challenge in the entire program was definitely working in groups for Friends and Family and Pitch Day. The amount of head butting that happened on both of those projects was on another level! However, when the projects finally came together - that struggle ended up making them the most rewarding.

I’m looking forward to using the coming Wynwork sessions and other job support resources to help start my new career. I’m very lucky to have found Wyncode, and I’m proud to call myself a Full Stack Web Developer and a member of their alumni community.

Hired at 8base as QA Engineer

Just recently, Pio got hired as a QA Engineer at one of Wyncode’s Hiring Partners 8base . This is the first step in his new career as a Web Developer, and we couldn’t be prouder!

Here is what Oscar Perez, VP of Operations at 8base shared with us about it: “Building a technology company requires recruiting top design and development talent. Oftentimes, companies have to recruit from other cities like San Francisco, Austin, or Boston. Thankfully, with Wyncode, we have a great partner that is graduating top talent on a routine basis. This helps us scale quickly knowing that Wyncode has fully vetted and trained their graduates. We are extremely excited to have Pio Molina, a recent Wyncode Academy graduate, join the 8base team at our headquarters office as we continue to grow and bring innovative products to market.”

Congratulations Pio!!!

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