We were thrilled to be a part of the #movethedial Stories event hosted by UBS in New York City on September 20th. There our co-founder and CEO, Johanna Mikkola got a chance to talk about the impact that Wyncode is making in Miami’s tech ecosystem, our plans to continue to close the gap for women in tech roles and her experience transitioning from a more corporate world to launching her own startup.


The event had many amazing speakers and attendees:

Jodi Kovitz - Founder & CEO at #movethedial

Johanna Mikkola - Founder at Wyncode Academy

Stephany Lapierre - Chief Executive Officer at tealbook

Catharine Lapadula - Managing Director at UBS Financial Services, Inc.

Erica Keswin, Founder at Spaghetti Project, Author of upcoming book “Bring your Human to Work”\ Mara Lecocq, Founder at Secret Code

Laura Brounstein, Director, Editorial & Business Development at Cosmopolitan and Seventeen

Michael Eustace, Managing Director, Wealth Management at UBS

Thank you for having us UBS! Follow the #MOVETHEDIAL movement here.