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MDLIVE: A Cloud-Based Virtual Medical Office

MDLIVE: A Cloud-Based Virtual Medical Office

Written by wyncode on 10th March 2015, 5:52 PM

MDLIVE, a leading telehealth provider of online and on-demand healthcare delivery services and software benefitting patients, hospitals, employers, payers, physician practice groups and accountable care organizations is working closely with Wyncode by hiring graduates to ensure that their virtual medical office platform runs smoothly. MDLIVE’s CTO, Bryan Dennstedt and SR Systems Architect, Anil Sharma, describe their experience with Wyncoders so far.

In your opinion what makes Wyncode graduates so attractive to companies?

Wyncode graduates have a strong passion to learn and to continue to grow not only as a developer, but as an individual, as well. They also bring a solid base of technology skills with them to MDLIVE after they leave Wyncode. MDLIVE can hire Wyncoders and help them flourish in their professional career since Wyncode has done a great job with teaching presentation skills and communication skills. Graduates come in with an already effective communication skill set. The best part? Wyncoders are not afraid to stand up in front of a group of people and talk – A unique skill that not all programmers possess.

How much impact do Wyncode graduates have within MDLIVE versus typical college graduates with computer science degrees?

Both Wyncode graduates and typical college graduates would have the same level of impact at MDLIVE. Although Wyncoders may not have as much experience coming into a position, new hires normally spend 90-120 days to get acclimated in a new working environment, either way. Those who are really determined to attain the learning opportunity in 120 days will learn a lot and Wyncode’s style of learning lends itself to this well. What MDLIVE really looks for in a person is the passion and the desire to learn and use their skill set, and both are qualities Wyncode graduates tend to possess. MDLIVE always provides new hires with a small project or two to get familiar with the company and prove themselves through their work.

What qualities do you look for in potential coding hires?

Anil, our SR Systems Architect, and I always talk about cultural fit. Would you go out for a beer with this person or help them move on a Saturday? Getting along with your team is first and foremost. Communication skills and feeling comfortable enough to challenge something that might not be done right is crucial. Fundamentals of technical skills – things like boolean logic and the core of true/false logic – as everything else, is just a Google search away. We truly believe that anyone can learn to code; it’s really about having an analytical mind along with a matter of passion and excitement for the field. Wyncode sets their students up for this type of success.

With three Wyncode hires so far, what’s your experience?

We have hired several Wyncoders as a way of starting to bring the core development team to South Florida. MDLIVE still relies heavily on talented developers offshore but hiring Wyncode graduates is the first step towards bringing this talent to the United States. Julie and Bryan from Wyncode’s first cohort both came in and warmed up to the team quickly.
They worked hand in hand with Anil to learn all the skill sets and have helped manage the offshore dev team in India. They have been doing a great job applying the great cultural knowledge they are learning at Wyncode, such as agile and lean startup methodologies. I would recommend hiring more than one Wyncoder to spark a cultural change for companies that need it.

Anil, Sr Systems Architect, what do you think about Wyncode?

I think Wyncode is a great school that has done a really good job of training and preparing students to join companies like MDLIVE. Now is the perfect time to learn Ruby as it’s a growing language and will serve developers well as they build a computer programming career. We have hired three Wyncoders thus far and really enjoying working with them. I’m looking forward to hopefully working with several more new Wyncode hires in the coming months.

What’s new at MDLIVE?

We have nearly 200 employees now – Bryan joined when there were 40 a few years ago.
We have also been working on integration with Walgreens that started in California. MDLIVE has created a South Korean version of the portal for South Koreans in the U.S. who don’t speak English, which is getting incredible user feedback – Net Promoter score is 67%, near Apple levels, and 97% of users would recommend to family and friends. We also recently bought Breakthrough in San Francisco. The team is growing and we are looking to bring in some hires from Florida to San Francisco to join that team, as well as looking to grow the local dev team from 50 to 100 people in the next 12 months.

For more information, visit MDLIVE.

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