Why We Love Ruby On Rails - Infographic

Why We Love Ruby On Rails – Infographic

Written by wyncode on 13th February 2015, 5:09 PM

Love is in the air.

With lovers around the world celebrating their loved ones we thought we’d share who our special “Valentine” is…..

We love Ruby on Rails!

And we think you should too!

Why? Because Ruby on Rails Rocks. First of all, Ruby is optimized for developer happiness. “A happy programmer is a productive programmer”

Second, Ruby has an awesome and vibrant community that you can check out here and here.

Third, there’s the money factor. Ruby and Ruby on Rails jobs tend to offer much better earning potential than other languages 

Even kids are getting in on the Ruby action!

There are plenty more reasons why we’re head over heals in love with Ruby.  As a special token of our affection we came up with the top reasons why we are absolutely enthralled with Ruby Rails.