Will Weinraub, CEO of LiveNinja, Speaking at Wyncode; and Miami Tech Speaker Series Schedule

Written by wyncode on 12th May 2014, 3:49 PM

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Wyncode Academy isn’t just a coding bootcamp. Sure, the development bootcamp teaches you all the computer programming skills to make it as a junior web developer in Ruby and JavaScript. But it also puts you in a position to learn through engagement with local entrepreneurs, workers for major corporations, big thinkers who have formed successful tech startups, established multinational companies, actualized IPO’s, and negotiated big dollar buyouts.

Wyncode Academy speaker series

Furthermore, through a variety of networking events, Wyncode Academy puts students in direct contact with the leaders of the South Florida technological community, the workers on the ground floor of emerging companies, the CEO’s, mentors, headhunters, and HR personnel actively seeking new talent, and the media, movers, and shakers of this burgeoning movement.

will weinraub at wyncode

The first speaker for what will be Wyncode Academy’s first graduating class was Will Weinraub, founder of LiveNinja. His experience as a tech entrepreneur began at the age of 13, soliciting web design work from wrestling and hip hop fans via AOL chat rooms. Today, he is CEO of a live video chat platform that rivals Google’s Hangouts in its execution, and is being employed on the enterprise level, featuring emotion detection algorithms. LiveNinja recently hit the headlines in a big way when their procurement of $500,000 in venture capital was announced at the start of eMerge Americas, an international tech conference which also proudly featured Wyncode Academy.

With over $1 million in capital investment, LiveNinja is leading the way for young Miami startups to realize their tech dreams.

Here is the list of upcoming Wyncode Academy speakers for this semester.

– Charles Irizarry, Partner & Director Product Architecture at Rokk3r Labs
– Joanna Schwartz, CEO Early Shares
– Brian Breslin, Founder Refresh Miami
– Stonly Baptiste, COO Urban.us
– Luis Navas, Vice Chair of Global Governance Advisors
– Harry Tapias, Attorney Loigica, Startup Law
– Ricardo Morales, Director Software Development at CareCloud
– Alex Buznego, Director, Business & Digital Innovation, Miami Marlins