5 Websites You Love That Were Coded in Ruby On Rails

5 Websites You Love That Were Coded in Ruby On Rails

Written by wyncode on 3rd June 2014, 1:04 PM

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Nothing makes a code geek happier than to discover that one of their favorite sites relies on their favorite framework. Ruby on Rails in particular incites the passions of developers like no other. Thanks to its ease of setup and flexibility, RoR is responsible for a variety of topnotch non-tech-related sites. Here are five choice examples.




Quietly one of the best media-focused sites on the web, SoundCloud could easily disrupt the music business as we know it in the next few years. There’s a good chance that it already has. It should lighten every Ruby fan’s heart to know that the backbone of SoundCloud has been Rails from start.


twitch.tv frontpage

It shouldn’t surprise any Rails die-hards to find out that their go-to framework is responsible for the web’s premier e-sports and gaming portal. For the naysayers who maintain that Rails can’t scale, Twitch.TV is proof positive that nothing could be further from the truth. Thanks to a heavy focus on mobile users, Twitch’s future is brighter than ever.



Most wouldn’t think that a “boring” document-sharing platform like Scribd would be built upon on a sexy base like Rails. The fact of the matter is that Scribd owes a good deal of its success to the versatility that RoR can provide to the right developers. Quite possibly the future of digital publishing, Scribd is a direct result of Ruby’s power.


airbnb frontpage

It’s difficult to overstate the impact of Airbnb on the e-commerce landscape. In a surprisingly short period of time, Airbnb has turned the rental world on its head. No small amount of credit goes to Ruby on Rails for enabling Airbnb’s rapid ascent to the heights of digital start-up greatness. Enabling so many daily transactions requires a framework like RoR to manage the back end.


chowhound miami frontpage

While there are many food and restaurant review sites, Chowhound is arguably the best of the lot. While the vision of the founders was a key ingredient in its success, Rails played a powerful supporting role. The next time you find the perfect little spot for your favorite dish, thank the Rails developers that made Chowhound possible.


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More Gems Sure to Come
Platforms like RoR are natural breeding grounds for sites that change the way we look at digital life in the real world. Fortunately, the sites mentioned above are just a taste of what’s in store. It’s safe to say that Rails will continue to influence application development for years to come.