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Ruby is a computer language created by Japanese programmer Yukihiro Matsumoto who developed it to be human friendly, and make developers’ lives easier.

It was first released through a newsgroup in the 1990s and has since gone on to become one of the world’s leading languages to program in.

Wyncode Academy’s head instructor Ed Toro is an MIT graduate who was born in New York City, went to high school in Miami, left for college, and came back to join the local tech revolution. He says that he teaches Ruby On Rails because it’s “More building, less theory, and it’s an easier to read and understand code created for developer happiness. And because companies are hiring for it, and there are more jobs available locally than there are qualified applicants.”

Ed Toro and Juha Mikkola

Wyncode Academy’s Ed Toro and Juha Mikkola

“We want to attract students who want to accomplish a specific goal, whether they’re looking for a career change, they want to build a startup, they’re a manager who works with web developers, they’re an entrepreneur, or they’re looking for their first job as a junior developer at a local company, we want to teach them the language to help them do it.

Anyone can come in, whether or not they have any background in computer science. Ruby is very friendly. It’s based on the idea of computers trying to understand how humans talk. And it has crossed the line from the educational realm to companies hiring for it

We want you to graduate and immediately be able to start a job if that’s what you want to do. By the end of the course you will have built your own web application. It can be the prototype for your startup, or something for your portfolio.

This the first time that there is a school like this in Miami that will be producing useful graduates on the cutting edge of technology and coding in the language that companies are looking for.

That’s why I teach Ruby on Rails. So come to Wyncode Academy and learn to code”

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