Learn To Code At Wyncode Academy In Miami Beach With Auston Bunsen

Written by Administrator on 8th January 2016, 8:00 PM

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Auston Bunsen is a learner, thinker, programmer, entrepreneur, and now, teacher. He will be the head instructor for Wyncode’s brand new Miami Beach campus at WeWork on Lincoln Road.

Auston is a long-time Miami tech leader who first became involved with Wyncode last year as a teacher’s assistant. He recently decided to leave his full-time tech job to take on the position as head instructor for Wyncode’s newest location, a job he is passionate about and that is closer to his home.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to share with future Wyncoders everything that I’ve learned working in tech since 2005,” says Auston. “Learning to code will not only give you the technical skills to be a programmer, but more importantly, you will learn to adopt the mindset of a coder, which will benefit you in any career path you choose.”

Auston began his career in 2005 as a Web Developer for a company based in Berlin, Germany. Since then, he has gone on to start several apps & businesses of his own, he has worked for multiple local startups all while contributing to the South Florida tech scene over the past 10 years. He is the former CTO of an awesome start-up, 1Sale, and was the founder of SuperConf, a large tech conference in Miami that was held before tech was a topic of conversation in South Florida.

When Auston started at his first job in South Florida nearly ten years ago, the local tech scene in South Florida was certainly not as prominent as it is today. “The first Refresh Miami event in 2006 had four people meeting in a Starbucks on South Beach,” explains Auston. “When I first went, there were about 20 people attending. Since then, Refresh has grown exponentially, into one of the largest tech networking organizations in South Florida.”

The growth of organizations like Refresh has been a direct result of the Miami tech community as a whole growing exponentially over the past five years. This is due in large part, says Auston, to dedicated local leaders like Rebecca Monson of Code for Miami and Hacks/Hackers Miami, Ernie Hsiung of Code for Miami, Susan Amat of Venture Hive and Brian Breslin of Refresh Miami. Auston also credits the Knight Foundation for putting forth a ton of effort in contributing to what is now a vibrant and productive Miami tech community.

Auston distinctly remembers the moment when he personally sensed things were getting more serious in the world of Miami tech. He read an article in 2012, written by Juan Pablo Cappello for the Miami Herald, titled, “Let’s restart our engines and accelerate Miami’s tech-hub potential.” Auston did not agree with the Juan Pablo and wasn’t afraid to make this known by authoring his own blog post in response titled, “Juan Pablo, the engine is already running,” where he explained that “South Florida is teeming with hustling entrepreneurs.”

Since then, South Florida tech has only continued to grow and there has never been a better time to join the movement and learn to code. This is because, as Auston says, “no matter what you are doing now for work, coding can help make you better at your job. The time to learn to code is literally always right now!”

Miami Beach will be an exciting additional location for Wyncode to attract local and out-of-state talent because there are some many great startups based nearby, explains Auston. Case in point: Miami Beach is home to young and successful businesses like 1Sale.com, CareAngel, Rokk3r Labs and Klique.

Wyncode, Florida’s premiere academy for intensive technological and entrepreneurial training, technical instruction and job placement, has three locations in South Florida – including the brand-new Miami Beach campus. Students enter an intensive boot camp program where they learn computer programming and start-up savvy business skills  in nine weeks. Wyncode Academy has graduated over 180 students since 2014 in ten cohorts while maintaining a 90% placement rate within 3 months of graduation. Wyncode’s first cohort in Miami Beach begins on Jan. 25, after cohorts starting in Wynwood and Ft. Lauderdale. Applications are being accepted for all three locations and interested candidates should apply at wyncode.co. Hurry up and apply today because there are only 8 spots remaining for Wyncode’s first-ever Miami Beach cohort.  Learn to code!