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Learn to Code in 10 Weeks? Try One Day.

Learn to Code in 10 Weeks? Try One Day.

Written by Administrator on 25th August 2016, 6:56 PM

Group of students at Wyntroduction, an event to introduce people to coding and the exciting world of technology. This is an overview image of the classroom taken in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, Florida.

This past Saturday morning, nearly one hundred young professionals flocked to the Wynwood Art District’s Miami Light Project for a truly unique experience. Unlike the crowd in Wynwood later that night, these men and women did not come for a chic gallery opening or a trendy bar night. No, these people gave up their Saturday to start on the path of learning how to code.

Wyncode Academy’s Lead Instructor, Ed Toro, helped attendees write their very first lines of code using the language Ruby. Less than eight hours later, these development newbies had completed an entire coding project – one that Wyncode’s own students work on during their first week at the web immersive bootcamp.

This wasn’t the first time Wyncode hosted a one day bootcamp. In the first iteration of the day-long introductory workshop, Wyncode welcomed ten students participating in the Ancient City Ruby Conference in St. Augustine to spend the day with Wyncode’s Head of Product Development Sean Sellek. Based on overwhelming positive feedback, Wyncode brought the workshop to Miami. The workshop was quickly waitlisted, despite the size of the Light Box, where there is much more room for increased participation compared to Wyncode’s traditional sample classes.

Wyncode Miami’s flagship classroom is just next door at The LAB Miami, which allowed interested students the chance to pop their heads in and see where they could be spending ten exciting but demanding weeks, should they apply and get accepted into the bootcamp. Wyncode also has a campus in Ft. Lauderdale’s trendy FATvillage district at co-working space General Provision.

Group of students at Wyntroduction, an event to introduce people to coding and the exciting world of technology. This is aimage of three students taken in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, Florida.

The majority of participants showed up motivated and interested in learning how to code. But, many also came with an ulterior motive – a chance to figure out if the $11,500 investment in the full-time, immersive coding bootcamp is really worth it compared to other learning options, such as self-teaching, part-time courses, or online course routes.

Auston Bunsen, Miami Tech leader and Wyncode Fort Lauderdale’s lead instructor, said: , “A full-time program really pushes you to learn how to code and challenges you more than you ever could by yourself…You’re firing on all-cylinders, with a massive amount of content coming at you.” While he understands that this intense environment is not for everyone, Auston said “you really need to be [mentally] prepared for it, [if you are] it’s definitely the highest return on investment.”

With the heavy burden of expectation placed on bootcampers from the get-go, many Wyntroduction attendees spent the day not only writing their first lines of code, but also evaluating if they are up for the challenge of being completely immersed in the world of coding and South Florida’s up-and-coming startup ecosystem for ten weeks.

In order to be accepted into the web immersive bootcamp, a potential student must prove that he or she is actually prepared for the rigors of the course through a series of interviews and challenges.

Group of students at Wyntroduction, an event to introduce people to coding and the exciting world of technology. This is a group shot taken in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, Florida.

Attendees of last Saturday’s Wyntroduction event were additionally able to experience the networking potential from enrolling in Wyncode first-hand. Wyncode welcomed alumni Sara Hincapie of Careerscore, Matthew Kellough of Sandals and Christina Nguyen of SapientNitro to share their Wyncode experience as well as the challenges and rewards of learning to code. Auston Bunsen used emojis to present his version of Miami Tech history in 5 minutes. Hiring partners JC Cavallo of Kipu Systems, Ivan Rapin Smith of Watsco Ventures and Emilio Cueto of LiveNinja talked about their need for talent and why they hire from Wyncode, as each have hired multiple developers out of the program. The day wrapped up with a happy hour at nearby Gramps bar, where the attendees mingled with the Wyncode team, alumni as well as with local players in the Miami tech scene. Everyone was documenting the day with Wyncode’s custom Snapchat filter.

If Saturday was any indication, interest in the Miami Tech scene is at an all time high. Wyncode was able to show how they can help totally inexperienced coders gain the skills and confidence necessary to tackle the process of learning to code and can supply you with a local community of similarly-minded individuals in the process.

Given how much was accomplished in one day, we look forward to what this group of ambitious individuals will do should they join Wyncode’s 350 graduates and 80 hiring partners in the future.

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