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Wyncode Offers Part-Time Option: Learn Web Development After Work Starting in February

Wyncode Offers Part-Time Option: Learn Web Development After Work Starting in February

Written by Jocelyn Caster on 6th December 2016, 5:43 PM

A Little History

Wyncode Academy was created two years ago, after co-founder Juha Mikkola attended a coding bootcamp in Toronto. Excited about the possibilities a coding bootcamp could bring to a local tech ecosystem, he and his wife/co-founder Johanna Mikkola went about searching for the perfect city in America to bring their vision. At this time, they had no idea there was demand for part-time in addition to full-time immersive experiences.

After throwing a few options around (I heard Venice Beach, California was a close runner-up), they settled in on and soon fell in love with the Wynwood neighborhood in Miami.

Looking around town, there were other smart and driven individuals teeming with ambitions of making Miami a center for technology. With a lot on its side (+1 for weather, Art Basel, and 60% of adult Miami residents being foreign-born), it became clear that Miami’s potential as a creative and diverse tech hub was just waiting to be tapped into.


Why part-time?

With over 350 graduates by the end of the 2016 year, there is clearly a market for a full-time, immersive learning experience in South Florida.

However, in our two years of existence, we continually heard one major drawback keeping interested individuals from enrolling. They wanted to learn to code, add to their skill set, and level up in their careers, but they did not want to quit their jobs. 

A while ago, we talked about why part-time or full-time options may be better for different people. Whether it was for monetary reasons, they loved their job, or it was simply too risky, an overwhelming number of people demanded another option. While recognizing that the turnaround time for learning would not be as fast for part-time as for a full-time immersive program, many people interested in the part-time program had different goals in mind than those looking for an immersive experience.

Who is this course good for?

While some do have the end-goal of becoming a developer, very few interested part-timers are looking to make a complete 180-degree shift in their careers by the end of the program.

These are the personas we have isolated as being the best fits for our course. Do you see yourself in one of these categories?

The Overachiever

Maybe she works in marketing, runs her own business, is in finance, or is a freelance designer. This hard-worker is career-oriented. She understands how coding knowledge in the 21st century is essential to carve out a flourishing career. She likes to stay relevant and this is the next step toward staying on the cutting-edge of her field. Even if she doesn’t work in the tech industry, she knows that having knowledge today will ensure her bright future career prospects.

The Slow & Steady

He wants to become a developer eventually, but he wants to really find out if he loves coding first. Due to having a wife and children, jumping into the full-time web immersive seems too risky. He would never do something so spontaneous and risky like that without an awful lot of due-diligence. The part-time course is the perfect excuse to dip his toes into the learning process. It will help him find out if this industry is really for him. He also enjoys having an activity to go to after work. Additionally, now he will have more to talk about with his more tech-oriented co-workers.

The Co-ed

This twenty-year-old is studying economics in his sophomore year of college. He tried to make room for computer science courses in his schedule, but feels they are too focused on theory. They haven’t really taught him anything useful. He has a startup idea and really wants to pursue it in his spare time. But, he lacks the technical knowledge to get it going by himself at the moment. The part-time web development course is the perfect addendum to his  academic schedule. The timing is right because he can go after class!

Wyncode’s first part-time course begins February 6th, at Wynbase in Wynwood. Schedule an informational interview with our Director of Admissions today, and make a commitment to bettering yourself in the new year.

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