5 Takeaways That Surprised Us About Our Own Placement Numbers

Written by Administrator on 19th September 2016, 7:00 AM

As one of the leading code schools in the country, Wyncode Academy’s belief in transparency has led us to be the fourth coding bootcamp in the country to have its placement outcomes audited by a third-party source. At Wyncode, we love to hustle the extra mile so we not only released the report today but also built a placement application for users to interact and better explore the data. The application provided some eye-opening results for us at Wyncode headquarters that we are excited to share with potential bootcampers nationwide.

Although our goal in doing the review was first and foremost for purposes of full disclosure and transparency, we soon learned that through the application our team built there are some incredible findings worth celebrating. These findings can also offer important information for those looking to pursue a career in development.

Here we wanted to share our five favorites. The results can be viewed in detail by reading our Jobs Report or interacting with the data on our Placement Application.

Group of women students from Wyncode Academy in Miami, Florida.

Nearly 50% of the students from a recent Wyncode cohort were female.

1. Girl power! Females graduating from Wyncode have a higher starting salary than males

After graduating Wyncode, women’s average salaries were about $2,000 higher than comparable men’s salaries. Additionally, significantly more females accepted full-time positions upon graduation than males (84% vs. 70%). This despite the fact that the tech industry is known to pay men better than women and still has far fewer women than men in engineering roles.


“Cash Rules Everything Around Me”

2. Straight out of Wyncode, more than 1 in 10 Wyncoders make over $60,000 per year and 1 in 20 make more than $80,000

Starting salary is just a small indication of future lifetime earnings for a developer. That said, we are proud that our graduates demonstrate the technical and business ability to land well-paying jobs immediately after the course. It’s worth noting that these roles are predominantly in South  Florida, where the cost of living is much lower than San Francisco and New York.


Did you know that Miami is one of the most entrepreneurial cities in the United States?

3. Wyncoders have created 12 #MiamiTech startups and counting

Entrepreneurship grows the economy much faster than large companies do. In fact, two-thirds of new jobs in America are created by companies less than five years old. We have a mission to grow South Florida’s tech ecosystem and we couldn’t be prouder of the members of the #WynFam who are making it happen.


We produce well-rounded startup team members regardless of background or previous education.

4. Post-Wyncode, students with a high school diploma perform at similar placement levels to those with undergraduate degrees.

At Wyncode, the qualities you will be judged on are your tenacity, ability, logical thinking and attitude. We don’t think that where you come from or where you are at now are good determinants of your future potential. We love an underdog and dare our students to exceed expectations. After all, we know how you feel — when we founded Wyncode in 2014, people were lining up around the block to tell us we would fail.


You too can hire one of these Wyncoders!

5. 43% of Wyncoders are placed within the first 30 days of graduation

While the job search demands perseverance, attention-to-detail, poise, and sometimes a bit of thick skin, we are delighted by the speed in which many of our Wyncoders have secured awesome positions right after graduation.

If you are curious and want to deep dive into more Wyncode statistics, or to view our outcomes using the framework of other code schools, check out our placement application. You can also read more about how we got our numbers.