Our Jobs Report

We are proud to share our 2019 Job Placement Report, which covers everything from our students’ likelihood to grab a high paying gig after graduation to the time it takes to find the job of their dreams. We believe in transparency, therefore we secured Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Farra to produce an audit as an outside source.

Overall we are inspired by the growth of our students and the opportunities that are developing for them as Miami tech talent (and beyond!).

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Wyncode has changed my life by teaching me not to fear failure. It’s really not just a ten week program, it’s something that really changes who you are. [Wyncode] it becomes a family and this support system that stays with you throughout your entire career.

Job Support at Wyncode

Four ways we get you hired asap

  • Wynwork
  • Wynterviews
  • Professional Development
  • Pitch Day

Wyncode’s full time courses come with lifetime job support. Soft skills including professional development and lean agile methodology are an integral part of our full time program curriculums.


These weekly sessions are hosted by our Director of Hiring Partnerships to help Wyncoders navigate the ever-changing job market.


Wynterviews are job interviews held exclusively for Wyncoders. These sessions give our developers their first exposure to interviews with tech companies and allow them to refine effective interviewing techniques.

Professional Development

Helping propel our student's career is our top priority and we work throughout our programs to provide lessons on how to continue growing professionally beyond their coding or design skills.

Pitch Day

On graduation night, Wyncoders get the chance to present their final project in front of a panel of community leaders, hiring partners, friends, family, and peers. Then a winner is chosen and awarded a cash prize.

For Entrepeneurs

Not looking to land a job because you have your own venture to pursue? No problem! We’re here to support you with feedback, resources, and connections! We host a monthly 'Founders Dinner' to help introduce you to community leaders.

Be Showcased

We love showing our Wyncoders praise and supporting all of their successes, so every time one of ours gets hired, promoted or launches their own endeavor we will make sure to share with our community.