As we get closer to another Pitch Night (or Pitch Waffle Morning in the case of C29), we thought it would be useful to share some quick tips that can make a world of a difference for our Wyncoders or anyone looking to present in front of an audience.

These are tips gathered from our founders, our instructors, our admissions team and any other Wyncoder that is constantly addressing a big crowd or in the spotlight.

Pitching Best Practices

  1. Speak loudly and clearly, project your voice even if you have a mic. A monotone tone or a low voice can quickly disengage the audience.

  2. Be excited and enthusiastic, it is certainly true that your vibes attract your tribe. If you want others to believe in you and what you have created, let them know you believe in it yourself. Also, in some cases, you might be up there as a role model to others, so show them the best version of you.

  3. Be concise in your choice of words and in your responses to the judges so that your statements are impactful and you allow your teammates to join too. That said, make sure you answer and explain clearly what needs to be explained. If necessary, make yourself a script with your go-to answers to any potential questions judges may ask and practice several times ahead of presenting. In Public Relations this is known as Media Training and the objective is to maintain certain control of the conversation, to get a positive outcome.

  4. Share the intent behind your actions or the goals you were seeking. Judges and the audience don’t only want to know how things came about, but why things came about the way they did. Sharing your intent sometimes is more powerful than the actual actions taken. Take a look at Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action lessons.

  5. Be Mindful - Anything you speak about negatively can reflect directly on you so be mindful of explaining the silver lining or lesson, making positives into negatives. Whatever lesson, mistake or difficulty you came across in creating your final project, make sure you reel it back to the positive lessons learned.

Bonus tip for C29: Don’t be nervous, you’ve learned almost everything you need to learn to be a kick-ass Web Developer. Although learning code will be a constant in your lives moving forward, you will always have the structural education, memories and lessons of your hard work at Wyncode. Your sheer hard work, your dedication to spend endless hours at Wyncode and your desire to transform your life, assure us that you will be successful, in whatever direction your journey takes you.

All of that said, we are so excited to see what our C29 cohort will present during their Pitch Day. We are proud of their hard work, accomplishments and what the future holds for these Wyncoders.


If you’d like to join them in their Pitch Day, please come to Waffle Wednesday by RSVP’ing here.

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