Written by Administrator on 15th December 2015, 2:00 PM

Meet Shaan Shah, the co-founder of MakerSquare. We met Shaan last year at the White House, during a brainstorming session we were invited to by Megan Smith, the U.S. Chief Technology Officer, which focused on increasing access for Americans to accelerated IT learning programs – like MakerSquare and Wyncode.

MakerSquare is a career accelerator for software engineers located in Austin, San Francisco & Los Angeles. And, similar to Wyncode, MakerSquare assures that student outcomes from their programs are positive. MakerSquare prepares students to join top-flight engineering teams by teaching a JavaScript-based curriculum with an emphasis on being highly technical, autonomous and collaborative. As a result, MakerSquare is a founding member of NESTA, along with Wyncode.


Shaan was recently in Miami, one of the most entrepreneurial cities in the United States and part of a growing tech market in South Florida, to host a presentation and workshop titled, “How To Land A Job Now That You Can Code.” His presentation at The LAB Miami was directed at a group of 25 recent Wyncode graduates looking for work specifically in the tech industry, but can apply to anyone in search of their dream job. His workshop focused specifically on 2 key components: 1) The importance of storytelling: because your story makes you who you are and a well-crafted story will give potential employers an opportunity to relate to you as an individual outside of the tech world. 2) Establishing learning principles; namely being consistent and asking for help. We caught up with Shaan after his workshop to discuss the current state of the emerging tech scene in South Florida and asked him to share his thoughts on effective practices to help others in their search for a dream job. You can read more here about the principles that Shaan feels are effective for mastering/learning a new skill.  

Wyncode: What is your impression of South Florida’s emerging tech scene?

Shaan Shah: Culturally and physically this area seems to cater to a wide variety of interests – things like good food and good art, which really springs creativity and creates good development and effective entrepreneurship. This area definitely reminds me of Austin, where there are people that care about having a good, well-rounded life. It’s a good balance, which I think is a great breeding grounds for entrepreneurship.

W: What have you seen as a general trend with coding schools over the past few years?

SS: I don’t think coding schools are that much better than they were before. It’s just that now it is more popular so people are more inclined to do it. Initially, a lot of these schools were just coding schools with the simple goal of teaching people how to code. Now, schools like Wyncode and MakerSquare are becoming more effective at educating students more broadly and creating communities that are effective learning environments. More and more people are recognizing that coding schools are effective and the demand is increasing as people become more aware that it’s a viable option for a career path, and not just a quick fix.

W: What do you think about the culture here at Wyncode?

SS: One of the things that is prevalent here is that leadership really wants to do a good job for their students, which I think is very important. It is obvious that they care. It’s a culture focused on making sure that each individual has a good experience. Also, the leadership team has great experience that is extremely relevant for students in the program. And, because of that experience, Wyncode has been and will continue to do an effective job at what they do.

W: What are you most excited about looking towards the future of education for the tech industry?

SS: I’m excited for the overall experience people will get out of coding schools. I don’t want it to be simply, “now I know how to code.” I want it to be, “now I know how to learn.” I want people to recognize that they can learn whatever they want in an accelerated format if they just use the format: all day, everyday with a bunch of people in a structured schedule. Staying true to the format and being aware of what is in demand, in terms of hiring, will allow this space to continue for a very long time!

Do you love computers? Are you interested in a career in the South Florida tech ecosystem? Are you a passionate worker? Then take the next step and explore the world of coding. We encourage people of diverse backgrounds to apply to our courses at Wyncode, and check out courses at MakerSquare if you are based in Austin or California – because unique viewpoints and skillsets make successful developers. Who knows, you may find yourself working with an innovative tech company that is making a difference in the world!