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#Wyncamp is a six-week experience through which high school students with little to no experience will learn how to master The Art of Code. In the spirit of Wyncode’s professional adult boot camps, Wyncamp is led by a teacher with a passion for 21st-century education. 

Wyncampers will learn everything they need to create functional web applications. They will walk away with an impressive resume and some of the most important knowledge and skills you can have today. 


As of March 2016, Florida has nearly 25000 open computing jobs, but only 2000 computer science graduates. While some high schools in Florida do offer computer science, the Florida Department of Education has not officially adopted any computer science standards. This means that the computer science education a high school student in Florida receives is unregulated and can be irrelevant and outdated when compared to current market trends.

We've worked hard to develop a curriculum that puts a student on the pathway to these careers while also empowering students pursuing other disciplines to become better able to compete in a challenging job market. Every career, every industry, is rapidly being encroached on by tech, and those without this knowledge will find their skillsets outdated. 

A depressingly small amount of high schools offer computer science curriculum, but the percentage of jobs that require technical acumen continues to increase every year. Will you be ready to fill these roles? 

Learn Fast.

Surround yourself with other students in Miami who want to teach themselves to build the solutions to the problems they see in the world. Together, you'll face new challenges every week, exploring details and patterns that get right at the heart of what professional web developers do every day. In six weeks, you’ll be building deployable web apps. 


Build Something Cool

(and boost that resume).

HTML. CSS. JavaScript. Ruby. Sinatra. Maybe these things mean something to you right now or maybe they mean nothing at all, but by the end of #Wyncamp you’ll be fluent in all five. Quintilingual, if you will. What's most important, you'll have learned how to learn about tech. Have an idea? You'll learn exactly how to go about researching whichever new tool or language may be necessary to build it.

...and beyond.

Prepare your student for college.


The college application process is growing ever-more competitive. It can be challenging to find experiences that can make your student stand out, contribute to their academic growth as a whole, and that they will thoroughly enjoy. Colleges and businesses know that the problem solving skills programming provides a person are indispensable in today's day and age. Your student will walk out of Wyncamp with fully functional applications under their belt, and they will be ready to build a solution for any problem they encounter. 

Disruptive innovation is inevitable in every industry. No matter the discipline they pursue, a strong understanding of tech will allow your student to be at the forefront of this innovation- instead of being left behind. Every industry needs technology to continue moving forward. One of the core tenants of Wyncode's curriculum is to teach individuals how to learn and master any new language or tool they encounter. That is the one skill that will follow them everywhere, no matter how quickly our world continues to evolve.




Beginning Ruby






Advanced Ruby


Ruby Projects 

Advanced Javascript, Final Projects 

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Wyncamp is postponed until summer 2018, but if you'd like updates on the program, fill out your information below!