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Do you need code written? Do you need it to run the web? Wyncode graduates are ready, willing, and able to join your team. Their talent is a proven commodity. Just ask some of our many satisfied hiring partners about the graduates they’ve hired from our program. Watsco Ventures, CareCloud, OpenEnglish, MDLive, LaunchCode, Cloud Logistics, Ultimate Software, and Kipu Systems have all hired our grads. In fact, in just over a year, 61 Wyncoders have been hired by 31 South Florida tech companies. Some have even hired multiple grads! And they’re looking for more at each of our Pitch Days. So if your company needs tech talent, you should be there too, with an eye for recruiting.

Some companies are reticent to hire recent coding school grads. Wyncode Academy is different. Here are some of the reasons that companies commonly cite. And here’s why we have such a high confidence rating in your decision to hire a Wyncoder.




#1 – My Company Uses A Technology That Wyncode Doesn’t Teach.

#2 – I’m Only Looking For Senior Developers.

#3 – I Can’t Afford To Hire Someone Right Now.




#1 – We develop full stack web developers with business acumen and a proven record for writing code that runs on the web. We don’t just teach one language, we teach the ability to think in terms of problem solving through code.

#2 – Our graduates are not “junior” anything. They are fully capable coders who effectively work on a team to bring technology into existence through the power of their minds and the keyboards at their fingertips.

#3 – If your business isn’t growing, it’s dying. A new developer represents an investment for the future. Mixed teams of new recruits and mentors are the difference between a scaling company and a collapsing one.



There’s no such thing as a “junior” developer. There are developers who know how to build what you need, and developers who don’t.

Wyncode Academy is focused on producing graduates with valuable skills for today’s companies.

Wyncode graduates are accomplished individuals, intelligent thinkers, confident speakers, and accomplished, driven, motivated, and persistent individuals with a proven hunger for knowledge, and the motivation to accomplish difficult tasks while overcoming obstacles.

If you need a website that people can login to and create profiles, our coding school graduates can do that. If you need to create web forms, or bring paperwork online, our coding school graduates can do both.

If you need to accept online payments, automate emails and text messages, or add social networking features like comments and followers, Wyncode Academy graduates can do all of those things. If you want to allow your users to login to your site with their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts, add file uploads, or interact with an API, our graduates can do all of those things.

Wyncode Academy isn’t a job training program, it’s a coder’s lifestyle bootcamp. We teach Ruby and JavaScript. Intensively. But our graduates aren’t just “Ruby coders”. They’re coders. They’re specialists in programming for the web. They’re capable, intelligent, ambitious, motivated, persistent, determined individuals with infinite potential.

They build full-stack web applications and deploy them through cloud technologies. They market their personal services through one-on-one and small group Wynterviews. They pitch and present technology they’ve developed in front of crowds containing CEO’s of major corporations involved in billions of dollars of capital acquisitions, mergers, and IPO’s. They network with alumni and sometimes hire other students for their own startups.

Our graduates are scholars, team players, leaders, coaches, students, and teachers all in one. And they are qualified applicants for any organization that values those qualities.



Our Graduates Are Accomplished Individuals BEFORE Joining Our Program

You can’t just walk into Wyncode and sign up for a course like you’re ordering a ten thousand dollar cheeseburger.

We pre-screen each and every student and push them through an application process to determine how their past experiences and accomplishments can serve the needs of our hiring partners and other leading companies in South Florida.

Think of it as a future success index. We place a high confidence rating in the continued lifelong achievement for every student we bring into our program.

Many of our applicants have impressive resumes from the worlds of finance, law, media, entertainment, healthcare, and insurance industries. Others are civic leaders, championship athletes, and virtuoso musicians. They come from diverse backgrounds on an international spectrum and of various socio-economic strata. They range in age from 18 to 64 and have held senior positions in major corporations.

Some are experienced coders looking to expand their skills, others are new to programming but show exceptional drive matched with a highly disciplined work ethic.

Wyncode is a computer science course. Wyncode is a business course. And Wyncode is a professional association. Our academy offers a bootcamp experience that prepares graduates for the modern tech workforce by immersing ambitious individuals in a demanding and inspiring learning environment engineered to develop successful coders with business acumen.

Hire a Wyncode graduate!



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