Written by Jocelyn Caster on 31st October 2016, 9:30 AM

Coding is a job for the lone wolves among us. Those that have no room for group work, preferring to solve problems all on their own. Right?


Developers around the world are solving some of the world’s most pressing problems. They make everyone’s lives run more smoothly, and have a long way to go. With that big task at hand, the most effective developers soon learned that they would achieve little through isolation. To many people’s surprise, being a developer necessitates lots of group work. Developers are constantly collaborating with a wide variety of individuals, chipping away at large problems, technical or otherwise, together.

Many interested students have asked why Wyncode has their students create projects in groups. Some worry that this type of learning will hinder them from standing out to employers. What these people have not yet grasped is that every development team needs to work together. Hiring partners commonly claim one of the primary qualities they look for in an employee is effectiveness in a group. Projects have multiple stakeholders working on the same code, and collaboration is key. That is one of the main reasons, they say, Wyncoders stand out.


group work


The group work assigned throughout the course is extremely ambitious. Your team will have much more to do on a project than any one person could do individually in the allotted time — meaning every person must contribute significantly. If you want to make sure to get a variety of experience, you could choose to focus on front-end concepts for your Week 5 Friends and Family Project and then back-end development for the Week 10 Final Project.

You will use tools that will help you with version control like git and Github. These tools track the code individually written for your projects, allowing you to show off what you’ve done to hiring partners. Additionally, version control tools help our students show off a very important and in-demand skill set, integrating their own code with others’.

Another opportunity that designates space for Wyncoders to shine individually is Pitch Day. Wyncode’s Pitch Day is set up so that every student pitches, allowing you to be individually noticed by the a number of hiring partners, investors and South Florida tech leaders at the event.

It’s not all group work.

Additionally, there is plenty of individual work due throughout the course. There will be several personal deliverables to ensure that your skills are strong, including a portfolio site that can be used as a resume after the course.

If you are ready to move forward, go to our Web Immersive page to learn more and sign up.

Or, come to our Wyntroduction event on December 3. And check out a video of the last Wyntroduction.